Looking classy doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are many ways you can look classy on a budget. If saving money is more a priority to you than blowing your budget, then be inspired to think creatively. Becoming a creative shopper will help you look super stylish in no time.

Find A Local Thrift Shop

Finding a local thrift shop in your area will get you off to a great start. Buying used or second-hand clothing is a must-do if you want to save money. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with buying name brand labels at a heavily discounted price. So say it loud, “I’m Frugal and I’m Proud!”

Shop On Sale Days

To stay on track with your budget, consider limiting your shopping to sale days. If you’re a huge fan of thrift stores such as Goodwill, you can save 50% on the first Saturday of every month. From pants, skirts, and tops, complete outfits can be purchased for considerably lesser than at big box stores.

Polish Your Look With Color

Go ahead and polish your look with a coat of nail polish. Not only will nail polish add color to your assemble, but it will elevate your look in a matter of minutes. Adding polish can be a simple way to upscale your look and won’t cost much. From wearing open toe shoes to sandals, complete your look with a matching coat of nail color.

Coordinate With Accessories

You can also buy accessories at thrift stores. But, if you prefer buying second-hand clothes and purchasing your accessories new, you can still stay on budget. Buying a pair of earrings or bracelet will still cost considerably less than a complete outfit. Remember, accessorizing can dress-up your ensemble and help you look chic, every time!

Become The Best Model of You

Top off your new, thrifty wardrobe with a hair-do that’s you! You may not be able to afford the same hairstyle as your favorite celebrity, but styling your hair the way you love it will boost your confidence. You are the best representation of you. No one can out-model your style!