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Quick notes: Join the Senior Discounts Club online for updates on the newest deals Save on your vacations by taking…

Quick notes:

  • Join the Senior Discounts Club online for updates on the newest deals
  • Save on your vacations by taking advantage of senior deals on hotel rooms, national parks, airlines, and more
  • Most grocery stores give seniors discounts on particular days of the week

Getting older doesn’t have to be all bad. There are lots of discounts you or grandma can take advantage of, from vacations to cell phone plans. Here’s a short list of some senior discounts out there to lower your monthly expenses and make the golden years a little bit more golden.

First things first — join the club

If you’re willing to take the time (or are able) to search for newly available discounts, this website gives bargain-hungry seniors the lowdown on all things discounted.

Senior Discounts Club has a pretty comprehensive collection of discounts for popular stores and things that you need. For example, there’s a section on “Exclusive Offers” and a Community Forum for bargain hunters to share tips and tricks for getting the best deal.

Joining is free — all you need is to enter your name, email address, and pick a password you’ll remember. After that, you’re on the train hurtling to “Save Up to 70% Off Land”!

Becoming an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) member may also yield benefits that can lessen the impact on your wallet.

Some retailers might give you discounts when you flash your AARP membership card.

AARP membership, senior discountsAARP membership, senior discounts
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Give your wallet a vacation

No matter if you like vacationing “Margaritaville-style” or touring a national park, there’s probably a hefty discount you can use for some frugal time off.

  • Hotels don’t advertise their senior discounts as well as they should, considering a lot of retirees travel during their retirement. (That’s the only time some of us have to vacation!) Here are some hotels with discounts for seniors: Days Inn will discount rooms for guests ages 60+, Motel 6 gives 10% off discounts, and Marriott has 25% off for those who are 62+.
  • Cruises are popular with the older crowd. Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean offer many discounts to seniors. If you don’t see a senior discount available with your cruise line of choice, you can always call to ask.
  • National parks offer a Lifetime Senior Pass for the nature-loving senior for $80. This covers entrance fees, camping, parking fees, and more. Your $80 goes back into keeping the national parks up and running! A cheaper annual pass is also available.
  • Movies have seen a decline in customers over recent years, partly due to the popularity of on-demand streaming services. You can still visit the theaters just like the old days. Tickets aren’t as cheap as the old days, but there are deals at places like AMC Theatres (seniors get 30% off).

There are many more things you can get deals on while vacationing — airlines, restaurants, and rental cars, just to name a few.

senior discounts
senior discounts

You don’t need to pay the price for eating well

Especially if you’re trying to fuel the golden years with healthy, quality food. Fortunately, some grocery stores will give discounts to seniors on certain days. Here are a few popular ones you might be able to load up at:

  • Farm Fresh gives 5% off every Tuesday and Thursday to seniors 55+
  • BI-LO gives 5% off to seniors with a Senior BONUSCARD
  • Harris Teeter gives 5% off every Thursday to seniors 60+

You can always ask your favorite grocery store (if they’re not on this list) if they have their own discounts for senior citizen customers.

Because your grandchildren always pick up your calls …

… There are some discounted cell phone plans you can take advantage of. Most mobile carriers have bargain plans for seniors, but they might come with limited data and minutes. If you don’t see your carrier of choice on our list, reach out to your cell company to inquire about discount plans.

  • If you’re an AARP member, you can join the AT&T Signature Program. If you switch to AT&T, you can get $100 in credits per line, 10% off Mobile Share Plus monthly service, and up to $45 waived off activation and upgrade fees.

    senior discounts
    senior discounts
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  • Verizon’s senior plan costs $80 a month for two lines, and $60 for one. There’s unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE data, and more. Unfortunately, these rates only apply to those with a Florida billing address.
  • Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan consists of two lines of “Unlimited” for $35 a month/line if you switch to Sprint. The fine print lists $50 a month for line one, and $20 a month for line two with AutoPay.
  • T-Mobile has Magenta Unlimited 55 plans, for those 55 and older. Similar to Sprint’s senior plan name, no? Perhaps that’s due to the Sprint and T-Mobile merger approved by the U.S. Department of Justice in July 2019. There are features like unlimited talk, text, high-speed data, and more from $35 to $45 for one line, and $70 to $90 for two lines.

There might be more you can do besides avoiding peak hours

U.S. families typically spend about $2,060 on utilities, says Nationwide, citing stats from Seniors or people with a limited fixed income might find that a financial burden. Utilities companies might try to offer other items that might “guarantee” you can save money on utilities. But it’s usually better to see if there are discounts available to you based on age or income to lessen your monthly expenses.

To apply, it’s best to call your utility company (gas/electric, sewage, trash, water, etc.) to see if they offer any senior or financial need-based discounts. As for cutoff ages — it depends on the state, but Georgia, for example, offers seniors 65+ with a total household income of not more than $14,355 a discount of $14.00 per month.

Shopping doesn’t have to be a rare treat

Everyone can be a little bit more frugal when going clothes shopping. Seniors can be even more frugal if they take advantage of some of these sweet retail discounts.

senior discounts
senior discounts
Larry Koester/Flickr
  • Wednesday at Kohl’s, seniors over 60 can get 15% off.
  • Tuesday at Ross, seniors get 10% off if they’re signed up for the Every Tuesday Club.
  • Goodwill gives seniors aged 60 or older 10% off every Tuesday.
  • Michaels gives 10% off to seniors 55+ every day — even on sale items.

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