Oprah’s favorite things of 2019 are sure to include something for everyone on your list. These are our favorites.

Every year, Oprah puts out a list of her favorite things, just in time for the holidays. This year’s most-loved products includes 79 picks for all of your friends and loved ones — from Instagram’s most-talked-about winter coat to a $1,600 exercise bike.

“We’ve got some essentials for everyone on your list, from the fashionista to the foodie — your girlfriend, kids and even gifts you’re going to want to give to yourself,” says Oprah. “It’s my hope that these all become some of your favorite things.”

Below are some of our favorite Favorite Things — and whom we think they’d be perfect for.

Perfect for the fashionista

Have a friend that’s super into fashion and makeup? Gift them the Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga Liquid Eyeshadow. Touted as “fallout-free, smear-proof, and multidimensional”, each highly-pigmented liquid-to-powder eyeshadow retails for around $20 (a bargain for such a highly-anticipated product).

Available in six colors, ranging from Aphrodite Champagne to Chained Ballerina Deep Black, there is a hue to complement any look. Each color is blendable and buildable for a truly custom makeup experience. Even better? The entire line is vegan and cruelty-free! Your fashionista friend will love it.

Perfect for the stressed-out mom

If moms need anything, it’s more time for themselves. With schedules that are often brimming with activities for the kids, but woefully lacking in “me” time, it’s easy to get burned out. Enter the Intelex Warmies Cozy Microwaveable Body Slippers!

Photo Courtesy: [Jess Foami] via Pixabay

The slippers truly live up to their “cozy” moniker: Just toss them in the microwave, heat them up, and surround your aching piggies in comfort and warmth! Each pair of slippers is filled with millet grains and dried lavender for a truly relaxing experience, and they’re ideal for relieving aches and pains, chills, muscle stiffness, and — yes — stress.

Perfect for the multi-tasker

Everyone has that one friend that’s always doing everything at once, right? They’re reading a book while cooking dinner or they’re taking a conference call while they’re on the treadmill. Maybe they like to read their emails or catch up on the news while they wait for the train.

The Evolg Touch Screen Gloves are perfect for the person that’s always got something going on! The elbow-length design allows for true warmth and comfort, and DMA yarn allows for smartphone touch screen access. Your busy friend will be able to access anything they need on their phone, no matter how cold it is outside! 

Perfect for the girl-on-the-go

If you’ve ever traveled — well, anywhere — you know how difficult it can be to pack your cosmetics and jewelry. Many travel cases are either too small to actually fit anything or they lack any real structure and everything just gets jumbled up and tangled together.

We’ve got some essentials for everyone on your list, from the fashionista to the foodie — your girlfriend, kids and even gifts you’re going to want to give to yourself.

The Brouk and Co. Duo Travel Organizer for Cosmetics and Jewelry is a total game changer! The travel pouch is sturdy, durable, and roomy, and somehow, it still manages to be chic. With several zippered compartments and a large interior, there is more than enough room for jewelry and cosmetics alike — and everything can be kept in its own space.

Perfect for the music lover

Smartphones and tablets make it super easy to listen to music no matter where you go, but the sound quality isn’t always very good. If you have a music-loving friend, make it easier for them to listen to their tunes on the go with the Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

The waterproof speaker comes in six fun colors and has an easy-to-use clip and a detachable strap, so you can literally hook it to (or hang it from) anything. With up to 16 hours of battery life, it’s perfect for tailgating, cookouts, camping, beach outings, or even to use in the car. Bonus: Extra bass makes all of those fun dance songs sound a million times better!

Did you check out Oprah’s full list? What was your favorite item? Tell us what you plan on buying the people in your life!

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