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Quick notes:

  • Depending on the month, some products are cheaper than others
  • For example, January, February, and Black Friday are the best times to buy TVs
  • The best times to purchase might have to do with what holidays are coming up, what a retailer needs to clear in its inventory, etc.

The best times to buy are worth waiting for

Turns out there’s a time for everything — even purchasing all of the furnishings for your home. So, when’s the best time to buy a washer and dryer? How about the best time to buy a mattress? The best time to buy furniture? We have all the details below on some of the most common household items.

Furniture: January and July are some of the best times to buy

There are several opinions on when the best time to buy furniture is, so it’s best to keep your eyes and ears open for any upcoming sales. However, January and July are listed as a good time to buy in The Spruce: “New furniture styles hit the showroom floor twice a year (in February and August),” writes Erin Huffstetler in The Spruce. “Since stores need to make room for all those new arrivals, you can expect to see drastic price cuts on all remaining inventory in January and July.”

Mattress: Check out options during long weekends

The best time to buy a mattress is apparently on Presidents Day weekend, says Laura Heller in Forbes. Heller’s reasoning? Couples having to purchase items together typically shop on long weekends. Any long holiday weekend will have sales, she says, but Presidents Day in particular has some good ones.

best time to buy a mattressbest time to buy a mattress
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“Big ticket items, especially mattresses, require both members of the household to make a decision,” writes Heller. “And when it comes to mattresses, both need to test it out.”

Bedding: Take advantage of January’s ‘white sales’

Department stores might hold “white sales” in January to clear out their sheets, towels, blankets, and other bedding items to make room for new inventory. This is, hands down, the best time to buy bedding. Savings on bedding can be really good — Courtney Jespersen writes in NerdWallet that she’s seen savings of up to 60% and 70% off.

Televisions: Purchase during January, February, spring, and Black Friday

A few times of the year make for the best time to buy a television. Anticipating that consumers would want to give their homes entertainment centers pre-Super Bowl, retailers might have sales on televisions and related electronics before the big event. If you miss out on a January sale, you can delay a purchase through February. Current TV models have been out for a year so are likely to get discounted, Jim Willcox of Consumer Reports tells NerdWallet. Spring is when new TVs are typically released, the NerdWallet report continues, so last year’s models might be discounted. And of course, Black Friday in November is also prime time for TV purchasing.

Large appliances: Plan ahead for the biggest discounts

You might assume the best time to buy appliances is when your current one goes out of commission. You will definitely get your money’s worth, but you don’t save money on a replacement by any means.

best time to buy a refrigerator
best time to buy a refrigerator
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Planning when your appliance will go out of commission and preemptively purchasing a new one when prices are low is recommended by Casey Slide in Money Crashers. Most major appliances are on sale from September through October. However, the best time to buy a refrigerator is May, as manufacturers roll out new models in the summer.

Patio furniture: Purchase at the tail end of the summer

Don’t forget to give the backyard a little love too! The best time to buy patio furniture might be August through October, writes Erin Huffstetler in The Spruce. It’s tempting to buy patio furnishings when weather heats up at the start of summer, but you might land some killer deals if you hold out. Stores aren’t looking to pack up their unsold patio furniture from the summer, says Huffstetler — it’s easier to move it at discounted prices.

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