Big question or big game?

Millions of people grow up and dream of the chance to one day get engaged and, eventually, married. But for one woman, getting hitched wasn’t as high on the to-do list. The baseball superfan brought a hilarious sign to a game just to prove it. Her boyfriend probably freaked out when she made her decision!

Engagement ring or World Series tickets? It’s a tough question to answer. Proposals (hopefully) happen only once in your life, but for fans of many professional sports teams, seeing their team in a championship could be just as (if not even more) rare. Either way, they’re a lucky couple to be able to root on their favorite team at the World Series.

Anything for a bat

There aren’t many things like a father-daughter relationship. But there are also few things that compare to getting an MLB superstar to give you his bat. This Red Sox fan was willing to take her chances, letting players know she was willing to make a swap for the right price: one of the players’ bats.

To make matters worse, this rebellious daughter chose Father’s Day, of all days, to bring her sign to the game! Who knows what her father is taking a photo of — maybe he’s taking a selfie with the sign — but one thing is for sure: It takes a great dad to put up with a sign like that!

Just in case

In everyone’s life, there are big moments. Some of those big moments can be graduating from school, earning a promotion at work, getting married, or even becoming a parent. Usually, people spend these moments with loved ones — but for one Angels fan, rooting his team to victory was more important.

With a wife just about ready to give birth, this Angels fan decided to catch a quick game. But just in case his wife starts going into labor, he’s got a big cardboard sign to let her know he’ll leave the game and head on down to the hospital. That is, of course, if he manages to beat stadium traffic!

Dad needs help

Every dad who is a die-hard sports fan dreams that one day, he and his son will root for the same team. Going beyond that, he hopes they can root for a team that actually wins games. But for those dads who aren’t afforded the luxury of rooting for the same team as their kids, they all hope for one thing.

Some dads might not have kids who want to root for their favorite team, and that’s OK. But what’s not OK is if those kids grow up fans of the Dallas Cowboys. This dad pleaded his case to Angels star outfielder Mike Trout, and hopefully his kid was able to get an autograph!

Walk the plank

Many sports teams have slogans that are associated with their mascots, and the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of those teams. Not only is a pirate an extremely intimidating mascot, but it also gives fans the chance to come up with some pretty clever signs for the games they attend.

“Walk the plank”? There isn’t a better sign to make if you’re a Pirates fan. It’s a perfect use of the team’s theme, and it’s an intimidating catchphrase. If you’re an opposing fan at a Pirates game and see this sign, you kind of just have to accept that you’ve already lost the battle.

Last-minute caption

Sometimes, sports fans want to make a sign and bring it to the game but aren’t entirely sure what to actually write on the sign. Coming up with a clever caption can be difficult, and it can often take more time than people may have to spare. But sometimes, that last-minute caption turns out to be hilarious.

When you can’t think of a funny sign idea, just be honest. That’s what this Blue Jays fan did, and her sign ended up being one of the funniest signs of the MLB season. Completing a sign that says “I made a sign!” seems like it would be a very fulfilling accomplishment.

Puppy bet

Every sports fan knows the dilemma of wanting to go to a game with a friend, but that friend either not being able to go or not being a fan of the team you root for (or sometimes even sports in general). So how do you get them to go to a game with you?

Why not buy them a puppy? Everybody loves puppies, right? The best part of buying your guest a puppy if your team wins the game is it gives them a vested interest in rooting for your team. There’s no better way to make someone care about sports than putting a puppy on the line.

Buff Chief Wahoo

In 2016, the Cleveland Indians made an improbable run to the World Series. The team’s dominance sparked a plug of creativity within its fans, with hundreds of Cleveland’s diehards making signs and other objects to celebrate their fandom. Cleveland ultimately lost to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, but the team’s success woke up its fan base in a way few things could.

This particular sign celebrates the team’s former mascot, Chief Wahoo. Hundreds of these exact signs were made, with various captions, such as “Long live the chief” overlaid on the jersey. Though the logo is somewhat polarizing, it’s still funny to imagine the chief having such a muscular physique.

No caption needed

When you want to make a sign for a game with little notice, what do you do? That’s the question the lady pictured below was forced to ask herself, with a big poster board and no caption. If you can’t think of the perfect slogan, what do you write? “Couldn’t think of anything”? Hey, that works!

The woman’s face makes this picture 10 times better than her sign already is. It’s as if she knows millions of people are reading her sign — at the game, on TV, and even on the internet — and questioning whether she was serious or joking when she wrote the sign. The world may never know.

Ending the curse

As the saying goes, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. And when the Chicago Cubs made their run to the World Series, the team’s fans never counted out the possibility that the team would win — even when winning seemed impossible. That’s impressive, especially considering the team’s lengthy World Series drought.

Putting a spin on the old saying, Cubs fans held up a sign that says, “The fat lady has laryngitis!” They held up the sign as the team was leading Cleveland in the World Series, meaning the fat lady can’t sing (and the Indians can’t mount an improbable comeback). Chicago ultimately won the World Series, so the sign was right!

Trash talk

Some of the best sports signs take individual jabs at opposing players. There’s no better way to call a guy out than by putting his name on your sign. That’s exactly what one Cubs fan did when superstar Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg came to town. Strasburg was rumored to potentially miss his start due to being “under the weather,” so Cubs fans relentlessly mocked him.

The look on this man’s face says it all. The smug grin about Strasburg potentially missing a game due to being sick is amazing. However, the Nationals pitcher got the last laugh, shutting out Chicago and forcing the series to go to a Game 5.


Going to a sports game with your significant other can be a fun-filled experience. But on occasion, an attractive player could catch the attention of a boyfriend or girlfriend. That was the case with one couple that attended a Boston Red Sox game, with outfielder Andrew Benintendi stealing the show.

At least this girl’s boyfriend was a good sport. He made a sign hoping to catch the star player’s attention, which would give his girlfriend a chance to share eye contact with her favorite member of the Red Sox. Benintendi is one of many Red Sox players who have caught fans’ attention, especially since the team won the World Series.


Emojis have become a significant part of pop culture in recent years. Kids, especially, are huge fans of emojis. They use them more than every other demographic. So if you’re a kid and you want to make a sign for a baseball game, would you rather write out a bunch of words or use emojis? Easy answer.

Message received! That’s one way to talk down to Yankees players and fans. Just rubbing in the fact that the Red Sox are World Series champions, and New York has been less than stellar (to say the least) over the past few years. This kid gets 10 points for creativity.

Fishing for Trout

This won’t be the last sign on the list that pays homage to the unique last name of Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout. The All-Star has some of the most passionate fans of any player in sports, and many of those fans — like the creator of this sign — are women.

It takes dedication to make a three-day trip from Los Angeles to Miami, all to “fish for Trout.” But it seems she’s been lucky enough to meet Trout twice at this point, so the trip is definitely worth it. Bonus points to her for the fishing line at the end of the bat!

Looking for her Blackbeard

Many fathers want to make sure their daughter ends up dating the right guy. For most of those fathers, it’s important their daughters don’t date guys until they reach a certain age. That’s certainly the case for one fan of the Pirates, but he makes a special exception for his daughter.

Of course, boys are off-limits for this dad’s daughter. But if that boy is a member of their favorite baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates? Well, then things change! It doesn’t hurt that virtually every player in the MLB is a millionaire. Member of your favorite team? Check. Rich? Check. What more can you ask for?

Make the Angels great again

Political signs can often be taboo, but one young fan of the Los Angeles Angels made a politics-inspired sign that’s absolutely hilarious. In the heat of the 2016 election, he decided to take on the theme of one of the candidates with a sign that reads, “Make the Angels great again!”

With Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, the Angels boast two of the best baseball players of the 21st century. Unfortunately, that star power hasn’t led to postseason success. With this sign, this kid is also indicating that he hopes things will change for the better for his favorite baseball team.

Trade for Trout

It’s already been mentioned, but Mike Trout is a hot commodity. Angels fans are obsessive when it comes to the team’s superstar, and that’s certainly the case with a boyfriend and girlfriend who both brought signs to a game between the Angels and Oakland A’s.

Not only did the couple make the trek from Anaheim to Oakland to watch their Angels play, but they also both made personalized signs for the outfielder. The girlfriend claims she’ll trade her boyfriend for Mike Trout, and her boyfriend claims he’ll trade his girlfriend to meet the superstar outfielder. At least they both know where they stand with each other!

Dear Cubs

Some fans have sky-high expectations for their team every season. To some, a winning season isn’t enough. Playoff wins aren’t enough. Only a World Series title is enough. But there are also fans who aren’t quite as demanding. To some, the simple act of not losing can be enough to carry on.

This fan isn’t alone in this sentiment. Millions of fans around the world root for teams that are perpetual cellar dwellers. For a long time, the Chicago Cubs were one of those teams. Fortunately, the team was able to reward its long-suffering fans with a World Series title in 2016.

Wings and Sox

One young Red Sox fan made a hilarious sign which seems to be more of a piece of art than a sports sign. The fan, named Ricky, put together a sign that reads, “I eat wings, go Red Sox!” He even pasted on letters to sign his latest work, “By Ricky.”

Ricky’s poster is a vessel into the confusing brain of a young child, taking us back to the days where our only worries were what time recess was, what color crayons we could use, and whether our favorite baseball team would win the big game. Still, this makes for a hilarious sign.

Pie-eating contest

Traditions play a vital role in sports, especially baseball. To longtime Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, tradition means a pie in the face. For years, Jones had a tradition of delivering pies to the faces of his teammates at the end of home games in which the O’s would win on a walk-off.

One clever Orioles fan decided he wanted in on the action. So he made a sign challenging Jones to a pie-eating contest and brought it to the game. It doesn’t appear as though Jones accepted the challenge, and now he’s manning the outfield in Arizona as a member of the Diamondbacks.

Angels in the outfield

It can’t be overstated how much fans of the Angels love Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. Sometimes it appears as though half of the fans in Los Angeles are just couples who make signs telling players how much they love them more than they love their partner! This couple is one of many in that camp.

The wife made a sign for Pujols, claiming she would leave her husband to join the first baseman’s team. The husband, on the other hand, made a sign letting Trout know he’d leave his wife for a fishy new relationship with the outfielder. These signs are sure to get the players’ attention.

Equipment swap

Game-used baseball bats are hard to come by. The bat is arguably the most valuable piece of equipment (aside from a jersey) that a player will put in his baseball bag before a big game. So given the value of bats, it’s understandable that fans would want to see if they could get their hands on one.

That’s one way to try and get a bat! Just a one-for-one swap, the sister in exchange for the bat. This deal seems to favor the kid more than it favors his favorite Royals player, but that’s not his problem. Now he’s the kid with a game-used bat!

Tiger pope

The pope is one of the most famous people on Earth. It’s not too often fans of the Detroit Tigers see someone as famous as the pope at the game. But one day, the pope actually took a flight to Detroit to — hey, wait a minute, is that the real pope?

On second glance, this appears to be a fan dressed as the pope. Still, the terrific costume-and-sign combination deserves a spot on the list. The “Bless you boys” caption is a perfect match for the incredible costume, and it surely inspired Detroit to play some great baseball that game.

Oddly specific

Bucket lists are a good way to create a sense of purpose for your life. Many folks create lengthy bucket lists of things they want to do and places they want to see before they pass away. Usually those lists include activities like skydiving or places like the Eiffel Tower, but one baseball fan’s mother has a different list.

The first two items on this list are pretty straightforward, but the third seems to be a bit specific. Does this guy’s mom really want a ball at this game that badly? Does she even know who Derek Jeter is? For all we know, this guy could be making the story up just so he can get a free ball!

5-tool insult

There are plenty of ways to insult someone’s intelligence, but one young Kansas City Royals fan may have discovered the best insult of all time. When San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence stepped up to the plate, the kid held up a sign that claims the MLB star eats his cereal with a fork.

There isn’t a better way to insult someone’s intelligence than claim that he or she eats cereal with a fork. Even if it isn’t true, the sign just creates that association. Every time Pence’s name comes up, fans who saw the sign will now think, “There’s the guy who eats cereal with a fork!” This kid wins the battle easily.


Almost every fan sign on this list is photographed inside the stadium, but this is the one exception. Two old-timers decided to go to a baseball game, only they forgot to do one thing: buy tickets to the game. Instead, they both made signs asking for other fans to give them free tickets!

Even though they’re inconsiderate, these two fans are pretty funny. The fact that it’s two old guys begging (who likely have the money to buy a ticket), rather than a couple of kids, adds a bit of humor to the situation they’re in. And who knows, maybe another fan hooked them up.

Shooting her shot

Some people go to baseball games to watch some ball, some go for the stadium eats, and some go … for other things. One fan of the Toronto Blue Jays made her baseball fandom (or lack thereof) clear on a sign that reads, “I go nuts for baseball butts.” That sign is definitely a conversation starter — hopefully with one of the players on the Jays.

Hey, at least she’s honest! With a hilarious sign like that, she was probably a lock to end up on the Jumbotron or TV at the game she attended. It would be a massive upset to hear this sign didn’t make it onto the in-game broadcast.

More fishing for Trout

A “fishing for Trout”-style sign has already made the list, but this girl’s sign is a can’t-miss. There’s something beautiful about pasting a photo of Trout’s face on top of a fish, as well as giving a pair of angel wings to the A’s logo — all on one sign. It doesn’t necessarily look professional, but it gets the job done.

Judging by the look on this girl’s face, it seems like she’s making eye contact with Trout himself as this photo is being taken. An encounter with the superstar outfielder would surely make this Trout fan’s day, especially if he had anything to say about the sign!

Honorable commitment

Baseball fans — especially fans of losing teams — will make a lot of empty promises if it means their team will do better. Baseball is a game of superstition, so it wouldn’t feel right if fans didn’t do whatever it takes to try and will their team to victory. One Detroit Tigers fan is making a bold promise to help his team win.

Making the commitment to not shave is tough to do, especially if that commitment isn’t broken until Detroit wins a World Series. After all, they’re one of the worst teams in baseball and don’t seem to have a bright future any time soon. Hopefully this guy’s wife is OK with him not shaving, otherwise the homelife might start to get tough.

Playing hooky

Most baseball fans hope the signs they make end up on the Jumbotron or TV, but this might be the only sign on the list where the fan hopes he doesn’t get any time on air. This young fan of the Boston Red Sox made a sign that asks the team manager to sign his school excuse slip!

Imagine getting your excuse slip signed, only for your teacher to tell you they saw you on TV the next day in class! That would be totally embarrassing. Then again, maybe the teacher could catch the manager’s signature and recognize the name. This kid is playing with fire!

Family rivalry

Every parent wants their kids to grow up in a loving family, to get a good education, and to get a good job. But for some parents, that’s not enough. Die-hard sports fans have nightmares about their kids growing up and rooting for their rival team. Parents want to be able to cheer for the same team as their kids.

This girl took her parents’ fandom into consideration and even made an apology sign, asking for their forgiveness for dating a fan of the Chicago Cubs! At least her boyfriend seems to have a good attitude about it. Those family dinners are sure to be interesting.

Crisis in Chicago

It’s hard to master a baseball sign that incorporates both the sport and politics. Often, signs like these can come off as too divisive, too opinionated, or just outright insensitive. But one fan of the Chicago Cubs took on the challenge and made a hilarious sign that pokes fun at her team in a great way.

She wrote “the only thing worse than the economy are the Cubs.” And that may have been true when this sign was created, seeing as how Chicago held the record for the longest title drought in all of baseball. The Cubs hadn’t won a championship in 108 years. But fortunately for this fan, the drought came to a close in 2016.

Giant trash talk

Baseball players strike out all the time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t despise it every time it happens. What’s worse than striking out? Striking out, only to walk back to the dugout and see a fan taunting you after you swung and missed! This fan of the San Francisco Giants was in the Philadelphia Phillies’ heads all game long!

There’s nothing like the look on a fan’s face when they know they’ve had an impact on the game. Usually, players are able to ignore trash talk from fans, but this woman’s sign takes trash talk to a completely different level. The Phillies’ batters were probably happy when this game finally ended.

Clear intentions

There are plenty of reasons to go to a professional baseball game. The food is delicious, views of the city are incredible, the sport itself is great and ballparks provide an amazing family experience. But one night, two fans headed down to a game for a pretty unique reason: they wanted to find Mr. Right.

Let’s be honest here: Playing the outfield would be pretty distracting with these two holding up their sign and hollering every time a player comes in their direction! Hopefully they found their match — it doesn’t seem too crazy to think a match could be made at an MLB game!


Alex Rodriguez is one of the most controversial athletes in MLB history. The longtime New York Yankees slugger was an incredible player, but he was also notorious for his use of steroids — to the point where he even admitted his use after the fact. To say Rodriguez was despised by fans of the Yankees’ rival Red Sox would be putting it lightly.

Rodriguez has since reconciled with his past and even become a star broadcaster in the booth, but that doesn’t change how funny this sign is! This Red Sox fan will remind Rodriguez that he can’t escape from his past for the rest of time.

Ready for a change

For decades, the Philadelphia Phillies were the class of major league baseball. They won their division five years in a row and even won a World Series in 2008. So to say expectations are high in Philadelphia would be an understatement. When new manager Gabe Kapler got off to a slow start, fans were quick to turn on him.

In an interview, Kapler said that the team is feeling the sting of not making the playoffs, but he also reassured that he’s the best man for the job. One fan who is clearly unhappy with the manager’s performance roasted him with his hilarious sign, using Kapler’s own quote against him!

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