With quick access at our fingertips, endless options, competitive pricing, and delivery right to our doors, e-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop. Virtually every item you could imagine is available for sale online.

Here’s a list of items for sale online that are too good to be true.


Finding the right mattress goes beyond reviewing the price tag. The best fit mattress is very personal – it depends on your body type and sleeping habits.

Buying a mattress in-person could also save you money. Mattress stores tend to charge significant markups, which awards buyers some negotiating power during the sale.


As appealing as it is to avoid interacting with a pushy salesman, buying a car without seeing it in person is a big mistake. The best way to figure out if a car is right for you is to get behind the wheel and test drive it. Plus, returns are much more complicated online.

Musical instruments

Real musicians think twice about buying their instruments online. They take the time to feel it in their hands and listen to it before dropping the cash. What an instrument feels like and sounds like is more important than any brand name or price tag. Not to mention shipping can do some serious damage.


Makeup is best purchased the old fashioned way – in person! The number one reason to buy makeup in person is to get a real sense of color. Images on screens tend to distort colors. It’d be a shame if that rosey pink blush you bought turns out to be more of a blood red.


Many online pet shops get their furry friends from puppy mills, which are notorious for their inhumane treatment of animals. The most ethical way to go about finding your next best friend is by visiting your local shelter or rescue group. Plus, most shelters offer a trial period to make sure it’s a fit at home.