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There are a lot of reasons to move on to a new job. They all come down to your happiness. As long as you can afford the transition, take the plunge. You might want a higher salary or better benefits. Maybe you’re craving a tight-knit community that inspires you to create. Here’s how to know when it’s time to go and time to grow.

Pay Up Or Punch Out

You determine how much you’re worth, not your employer. Sometimes it’s time to throw down the gauntlet and make demands. If you know that you’re worth a 30% raise, share it with your boss.

The faster you make money, the sooner you’ll be able to afford the experiences that enrich your life. Sometimes life decides for you. When bills are stacking up, the only solution may be to earn more.

Culture, Community, Happiness

The people you work with matter. You spend a lot of time at your job. Soaking up negative energy from sub-par people is never a healthy choice. The last thing you want is to become negative yourself.

Negativity rarely improves performance. Not only will your happiness suffer, but your productivity will as well. Make your exit before a toxic work environment starts turning you sour. Believe it or not, work can be a blast when you’re working hard with people you love.

Passion And Challenges Await

Work isn’t just about the compensation and positive experiences. Deep down, most of us crave a good struggle. The grind helps us grow. Combining a challenging job with something you’re passionate about can make you feel full in ways you never thought possible.

The most efficient way to tackle bucket list projects is to monetize them. Have you always wanted to help fight world hunger? Maybe a job as a logistics manager for a non-profit is in your future.

It’s never too late to change jobs. Get paid. Enjoy life.