Tipping can be very tricky. It is not as black and white as you would think. Even in cases where a tip isn’t necessarily earned, it is still proper etiquette to leave one. But then, you don’t want to compensate someone for bad service. You work too hard for your money to be giving it to someone undeserving of it. Sometimes you have to take a look at different scenarios to help you decide if you should tip, or dip.

Tips For Transport

Transportation apps like Lyft and Uber both offer the option to tip at the end of your ride. When using any taxi-like service, leaving a tip is expected. The standard is anywhere from 10% to 20%. However, the amount of the tip earned is dependent on the driver. Consider leaving a 20% tip if they help you with your bags, give great conversation, have a clean car, and/or get you to your destination quickly. If they fail to do any or all of those you may want to lower the tip amount to reflect so.

Tips For Terrible Service

The tip a waiter or waitress receives is normally dependent on the quality of service they provided. When guests receive excellent service they are more apt to leave a great tip to reflect so. However, what if their service is less than exceptional? Maybe they didn’t refill your drink quickly enough or weren’t readily available when you needed something. Is it okay not to tip in that situation? Waiters and waitresses are not paid well hourly. A lot of them barely even get a check after all of the taxes are taken out. Therefore, they rely heavily on tips. If you receive bad service, leave a smaller amount than the suggested 15% or 18%.

Tips For Takeout

Tipping on to-go orders is always a tricky one. Technically you’re not being waited on as you would be if you had dined in. However, someone still took their time to prepare your food. If you’re a regular at the establishment, then you may want to tip to show appreciation. But, in most cases, the person working the register or to-go area is compensated better than a normal waiter or waitress. Therefore, they are not as heavily reliant on tips so tipping isn’t necessary.

Tips For Drinks

When having a night on the town you might end up in a bar. You order a drink, or two, and notice that there is a line on the receipt to tip the bartender. It can be a challenge to assess how much to tip considering that making a drink is completely different than waiting on a table. Generally, $1 per drink is standard. However, in a lot of cases the more you tip the more the bartender will look out for you the remainder of the night. Tip well enough and they may put extra in your drink or take you ahead of the line when you’re ready for another. However, bars at weddings and special events are different. You may see a tip jar on the bar at a private event you may attend. However, the bartenders there are usually paid a fee up front to be there. Therefore, leaving a tip is definitely not necessary.

Tips For Service

When receiving services from hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, barbers, and other beauty service providers it can be difficult to determine if you should leave a tip or not. These individuals have already determined a price based on their skill and the service provided. In this case, it will be their customer service and time management that determines if you should add a tip. If the person providing your service does excellent work, begins your service on time, and has great customer service then they are deserving.  Show your beauty professional appreciation if they are on top of their game.