While there are plenty of stereotypes about what smart people look like, there are behavioral profiles that may indicate a higher intelligence. A number of studies have revealed that the habits and tendencies of highly intelligent people aren’t always what you’d expect. Among them, you’ll even find some that are less than flattering. So if you come across some of your own bad habits on the list, then rest assured that from here on out you can just blame it on your brilliance!

Highly intelligent people curse more

Does your language tend to be a little on the colorful side? While the frequent use of cuss words may not be a sign of a high maturity level, studies show that it may be a sign of higher intelligence. Ironically enough, studies of foul-mouthed individuals revealed that they actually tend to have larger vocabularies than those who stick to the tamer side of linguistics.

Cat people also tend to be smart people

Though dog lovers may be more outgoing, cat people win the prize in the intelligence category. A 2014 study showed that those with best friends of the feline variety scored higher on intelligence tests. Lovers of kitty kind also proved to be more sensitive and open-minded. What can we say? There’s nothing better than curling up with a lap cat and great book.

Older siblings tend to be the smartest

Score for big sisters and brothers everywhere! In families with multiple children, the oldest kid also tends to grow up to be the most intellectual. This one isn’t such a mystery if you think about it. The oldest child enjoys being showered with plenty of attention from adults when they first arrive, as well as the experience of interacting with their younger brothers and sisters later on. Not to mention that they tend to be glorified as the older, more experienced kid by their younger siblings. Who wouldn’t make an effort to live up to that reputation?

Intelligent people drink frequently and may experiment with drugs

There may be a reason that among the world’s great writers and artist, you’ll also find some of the most highly-functioning alcoholics in history. From Vincent Van Gogh to Ernest Hemingway, highly intelligent people have to be more careful than most when it comes to their tendency to get highly intoxicated. According to one study, kids with high IQs tend to drink alcohol more frequently when they grow into adults. The same findings proved true when identifying children who were more likely to experiment with drugs as they got older. This could be due to the fact that intelligent people have very active minds. The idea of finding a way to calm those racing thoughts could prove to be an attractive one.

Smart people also tend to be disorganized

While some of us may assume that intelligent people sit around in organized rooms wearing pocket protectors, the truth is actually the opposite. Most super smart people are actually incredibly disorganized. Einstein himself was a notorious example of this trait, with his crazy hair and unruly appearance. So why do the intelligent tend to have messy rooms strewn with piles of books and papers? Probably because they’re so busy soaking up all the knowledge they can that they hate to waste time on boring tasks like cleaning.

They also tend to be night owls

With so many books to read and so little time, who wants to turn in early? Research shows that highly intelligent people tend to have later bedtimes if they even have them at all. After a day full of constant mental activity, it may be that people with incredibly active minds need a little peace and quiet in order to digest all they’ve learned. Nighttime is also a great time for reading or studying with no distractions.