glam room

Ever since Kylie Jenner gave the world a peek at her “glam room” in Architectural Digest, women all over the world have been experiencing pangs of appreciative envy. While not all of us have an extra room to devote to beautifying and pampering ourselves, there may be another way. Here you’ll discover how to turn your bathroom into your very own glam room using affordable, DIY techniques.

Glam up your walls

If you want to give your bathroom walls a glam-style makeover then start by infusing them with color. When choosing a shade, you can never go wrong with bright pinks or blacks. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner girly side here, as the glam room is a bit of an indulgent oasis. A little bit of crown molding can also go a long way, especially if you deck it out in fun metallic colors.

Dealing with a bathroom that isn’t exactly huge? Look into investing in some mirror tiles. Not only can they make your glam room look bigger, but they also make for a really cool look that works when decorating either entire walls or smaller sections.

Go all Hollywood on your ceiling

Looking for a quick way to jazz up any room? Try wallpapering the ceiling with a fun color or pattern. Before you skip ahead, due to the fact that you have no idea how to apply wallpaper to a ceiling, rest assured that neither do we. Fortunately, these days, there’s an easy way to transform your ceiling without going all Sistine Chapel.

Look into peel-and-stick wallpaper rather than the traditional old school kind. It’s super easy to apply and peels right off if you ever decide to change it up or take it down. With a little research, you can find lots of cool patterns like pink marblemetallic, or classically elegant.

Infuse your mirror with a little vanity

While vanity mirrors can be super expensive, it’s surprisingly affordable to transform the mirror you already have into one. With kits like the one you’ll find here, you can create your own glam room style vanity mirror in minutes. Once it’s set up, you’ll enjoy applying your makeup in the glow of perfect lighting.

Jazz up your storage space

The best part of any good glam room is having a place to play with all your shameless beauty purchases. That said, it’s important to have a place to store them all between pampering sessions. If you have plenty of room in your bathroom, then dedicating a corner to a full vanity desk can be an awesome addition to any glam room.

Just find an old, slender desk with plenty of side drawers and repaint it to match your color scheme. Sticking some mirrored tiles to the drawers can also be a fun way to infuse a little glam. If you don’t have the space for a full-on desk, try bringing in some cool shelving to give yourself extra storage space.

Personalize your decor

As for the finishing touches, there are plenty of great options. If you love fashion (and who doesn’t?) then hang some flashy pictures of your favorite icons. Even something as simple as swapping out your old wall shelves for glass ones can bring a polished, upscale look to your room. Of course, nothing says glamour like a chandelier and if you’re not into dropping a ton of money, then look into making your own. There are tons of great tutorials out there that can teach you how to make anything from a fringe chandelier to a crystal one.