Gaming was once thought of as a time-wasting hobby, but times have changed, and now it can be turned into a lucrative, full-time career for some. The gaming industry is becoming increasingly popular, and for many, becoming a professional gamer is the dream job. But can being a professional gamer really pay off, and what can you do to get started? Read on to find out…

Choose your route

Professional gaming comes in different forms. The two most popular types are esporting and “game live streaming.” Esports is competitive game playing, where prize pools can run into the millions, and where loyal fans travel the globe to watch their team play.

Esports has become a global sensation, with significant brands investing considerable amounts in the industries, and companies building stadiums larger that are larger than conventional sports stadiums! To qualify as a professional esporter, a gamer needs good hand-to-eye coordination, excellent reflexes, and of course, vast knowledge of the game. These skills have to be rigorously trained through daily practices, and a professional gamer is expected to practice about 12 hours a day on improving their skills.  

Livestreaming is another prevalent type of gaming medium, where gamers stream (or live record) themselves playing games and broadcasting them on specialized platforms, such as Twitch or Youtube.

The main aim for these gamers is to entertain their viewers and gain followers or subscribers. In this industry, the more views, or subscribers you have, the more money you make. Streaming has become a full-time job for many, and some earn a whopping six-figure salary just by entertaining their followers! Gamers usually have to come up with a particular style, or niche in order to stand out in this competitive industry. Many gamers rely on wit and humor to entertain their viewers, rather than actually being good at playing games.

A lot of time and effort must be put in by the streamers into building their community, by regular, entertaining and engaging content. When gamers become popular, brands will often sponsor them in return for their products to be advertised or endorsed during their stream.

Success stories

Over the past few years, creators of all backgrounds have chosen platforms such as YouTube to share their content and passion for gaming. For those of you who are keen gamer-watchers, the names Pewdiepie and Markiplier are probably familiar to you. Pewdiepie and Markiplier are just two examples of YouTube sensations, who through their gameplay and wit, have managed to gain the loyalty of millions of subscribers and earn a whole lot of money.

So how much can you really make as a gamer? Well, if these two success stories are anything to go by, the answer is, a lot. According to The Money Nation, Pewdiepie is estimated to earn an average salary of $12 million per year, and is said to charge $450,000 for a single sponsored video!

Markiplier is also one of the highest earning Youtube personalities and is said to have made $17.5 million in 2018. His combination of method-acting, humor, and philanthropic nature has won over the hearts of so many of his viewers.

Back to reality

So coming back to reality, how can you get started on a venture like this? First, decide whether you want to entertain or compete. That will help you go down the gaming route that suits you best. If you’re going to be a live-streamer, choose your platform — YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer are popular platforms to consider. Also, create a schedule when you release your content and try to stick to it; viewers like regularity. Look for opportunities. For example, High-Speed Internet is looking to pay someone $1,000 to play Fornite for 50 hours. The chosen gamer will also be given a new modem and free internet for a year.

You’ll be expected to make up the 50 hours over a specified period of time (this isn’t a gaming marathon), and will also test the game during different internet speeds. What’s more, you don’t have to be a professional gamer to be chosen! You just need to be over 18 years old.

We’re living in a time where the prospects for skilled gamers has never been higher. If you love gaming, why not take a chance and aim for the job of your dreams?