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Real estate is a well-known way to make money, but most people do not have the funds to invest in properties. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to make money on real estate that do not involve flipping houses.

Get in there and make a difference

Showing homes

To sell a house, you have to show the house. Real estate agents often do this, but not always. Be sure to check with your state’s laws, but in many places, you can show houses without a real estate license.

Repairing and cleaning homes

Homes always need repairs. Therefore, repairmen are always needed. You might get hired to go in and replace drywall or fix plumbing before someone moves in. The more skills you can learn and offer, the more work you can get at a higher rate.

In addition to that, many homes need a really good scrub-down when they are being sold. Having dust and grime built up is not conducive to an inviting feel, so someone needs to whip that house in shape before it is shown.

Staging homes

If you love to decorate and make spaces feel inviting, this one is for you. Many real estate agents do more than simply walk in and show a house. They do everything they can to make the home look, feel and smell good. Some even bake cookies. You can get paid to go in and make the house as inviting as possible.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money on real estate. There are so many moving parts to it that many jobs can be tailored to that industry…


No one wants to buy a house with an ugly yard. You could sell landscaping services to homeowners looking to sell or real estate brokerages. Leave a card for the new homeowner, too. If they like your work, maybe they will call for more.

Behind-the-scenes work is available, too


Link up with real estate agents and brokerages in your area. Refer them to friends, family, and associates- even followers on social media. When your referrals get a sale, you get a percentage of the profit.


If you have some skill in selling homes, staging homes, or anything else attached to real estate, you can coach others. You can even package up your knowledge and sell it as a course or training program.

Managing properties

Forget the trouble of owning and selling homes- just manage them. This can include office spaces, vacation homes, and more. You and the owner can decide on your exact duties together, but it usually includes renting out the property, sending repairmen if something is wrong, and sending a clean-up crew when rental tenants leave.

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Home photographer

If you have searched for a home online or in a real estate book, you know how important good photos are. Become a freelance home photographer and make it your images that everyone sees.

Website management

Start a website for a real estate brokerage, or simply advertise all of the homes in your area for a percentage of the sale. You can even turn it into a full-blown real estate website with content about buying and selling real estate, home repair tips, and more.

Expand it by adding affiliate links to cleaning services, repair companies, home staging businesses, and more. This is a great way to make passive income on real estate.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money on real estate. There are so many moving parts to it that many jobs can be tailored to the industry, just like photography. With some thought and creativity, you can likely think of a dozen more ways to jump on the real estate train.

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