If your 9-to-5 isn’t cutting it and you’ve found yourself wondering how to make extra money, then you’ve come to the right place. Rest assured you’re not about to read one more article pointing out the fact that you can make a few extra cents taking online surveys in your spare time. Here you’ll find a list of legitimate side hustles that pay enough to actually be worth your time.

Whether you’re looking to earn a little extra money for the weekends or want to set aside some extra cash for vacations or other long term goals, there are plenty of non-traditional ways to bring in extra money. No matter what your strengths or talents are, there are plenty of unique, creative, or just plain weird ways to make money on the side.

Deliver phone books

Though you may know them best from their frequent use as door stoppers, old school phone books do indeed still exist. Though it may be questionable how much use people actually get out of them, you can still get paid to bag them and drop them off on peoples’ doorsteps. Check out deliveryellow.com to find out how you can make some extra cash delivering phone books around your town.

Get paid to wait in line

With websites like TaskRabbit, you can sell pretty much any skill set you have. Simply sign up to become a tasker, fill out your profile, and describe your skillset. You can offer to perform tasks which range from standing in line for people (yes, really) to assembling furniture. The next time someone logs on looking to hire for a job you’re fit for, they’ll be connected with your profile.


Sell blood plasma

What’s a little plasma between friends, right? If you’re not skittish around needles, you can make some pretty decent money donating plasma. Make sure to do your research so you’ll get the best money for your donation, but in general you can earn anywhere from $20-$75 per donation. Donations may be subject to certain conditions such as general health, weight, and age. There are also usually restrictions on the number of times you can donate each month. If, however, you play your cards right, it’s possible to bring in an extra $400 during the course of a month.

Take care of people’s pets, kids, or homes

These days it’s easier than ever to score a job as a pet, child, senior, or even home sitter. Sites like Rover provide the chance to offer your services as a pet sitter for dogs, cats, horses, etc. You’ll be able to select whether you’d like to sit for pets in their homes or even have them dropped off at your own. Care.com offers a similar site set up and gives you the chance to list yourself as a caregiver for seniors and children or as a home sitter for hire.

Share your knowledge

No matter what subject you’re an expert on, there’s probably somebody out there who’s willing to pay to learn about it. If you can carve out a few days to structure your knowledge into an online course, it can be an investment that will pay off for months or even years to come. Just upload your course to an online learning platform such as SkillShare or Udemy and you’ll be able to set your own class rates and start enjoying a passive income.

Sell your photos

If you spend a great deal of time on sites like Instagram anyway, then you might as well start earning cash to snap photos. Despite what you may assume, there’s no need to be a professional photographer to start selling photos. Just snap some pictures of anything from popular landmarks to photos of everyday objects. Overall, you should aim to compose a collection of photos that others are likely to buy to use in things like online articles. Once your collection is complete, you can sell them as stock photos to sites like Shutterstock or iStock and get a portion of the profits every time someone downloads one.

Re-sell clothing

If you have a lot of old clothes in your closet or merely live in a city where you can find name brand clothing at thrift shops, you may be able to make extra money selling clothes online. Check out an app called Poshmark, where you can post photos of your clothes, shoes, or accessories and put them up for sale at whatever price you want. When you get a buyer, Poshmark will even send you a shipping label.

Snag a remote position

If you’re looking for a job that you can do on your own time, not to mention from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be happy to discover that there are plenty. One of the best places to find them is on a site called FlexJobs which offers part-time remote work doing anything from creating content for websites to part-time data entry. No matter what your skill set, you’re almost certain to find someone willing to pay you to work from home, even if you don’t live anywhere near where their company is based.

Become an ESL teacher

Sites like VipKid offer the chance to become a tutor from your own home. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to sign on whenever you like and start earning anywhere from $14-$22 an hour to help a Chinese child learn English. The site takes care of everything from lessons to grading. All you have to do is show up and lend the knowledge of your native language.