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1. Angela Bassett

Looks like the actress who played Black Panther’s Queen Ramonda is the queen of her household, too. Known for her outstanding performance as Tina Turner in the 1994 movie What’s Love Got to do With it?, Angela Bassett has had an incredible career and stacked up an impressive net worth of $20 million. Her husband, actor Courtney B. Vance, is worth $4 million.

Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, wage gapAngela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, wage gap
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In a recent interview with People, Bassett dished about the loving and supportive relationship she shares with her husband Vance. She said, “It’s not like I expect this, I expect that from you; Dinner on the table every day, or this, that and the other. I have to go sometimes. I can’t be there sometimes, and he steps in there. He’s right there.”

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2. Anne Hathaway

Since her breakthrough role in The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway has shown she’s one of the biggest and most versatile Hollywood actresses working today. Hathaway has a net worth of about $35 million and a filmography that ranges from frothy romcoms to sexy action flicks. Hathaway’s husband, actor Adam Shulman, is worth about $1 million.

anne hathaway, adam shulman, wage gapanne hathaway, adam shulman, wage gap
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While their love story isn’t exactly Romeo and Juliet, there is a bizarre theory floating around the Internet that suggests Shulman is actually the reincarnation of William Shakespeare. It’s as crazy as it sounds, and mostly hinges on the fact that Shakespeare’s wife was also named Anne Hathaway. It doesn’t hurt that Shulman does look a little like old Will.

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3. Cameron Diaz

There’s something about Cameron Diaz. The blonde bombshell is known for her comedic roles, and in Hollywood circles, she’s also revered for her earning power. The star got one of the biggest paychecks ever for a single role thanks to her part in Bad Teacher, so it’s no surprise she outearns her musician husband.

Cameron Diaz, Benji Madden, wage gapCameron Diaz, Benji Madden, wage gap
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Diaz’s net worth is about $140 million. Her husband, Benji Madden, is famous in his own right as a founding member of the band Good Charlotte. However, with a net worth of $16 million, Madden certainly makes far less than his superstar wife. Somehow, we don’t think he minds the discrepancy one bit.

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4. Carrie Underwood

Today she’s one of country music’s brightest stars, but before she won American Idol Carrie Underwood was just a regular American girl. These days, however, Underwood is worth an estimated $65 million, more than any other Idol winner. Her husband, Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher, is worth about $30 million.

carrie underwood, mike fisher, wage gapcarrie underwood, mike fisher, wage gap
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Underwood and Fisher met and fell in love thanks to a mutual friend. Underwood’s bassist Mark Childers insisted on setting her up with his buddy Mike. The two first met after one of her concerts, and their instant chemistry sparked a lifelong bond. Though their relationship was initially long distance, the Canadian recently became an American citizen for his love.

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5. Drew Barrymore

As a kid, she stole our hearts in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. A descendant of Hollywood royalty, Drew Barrymore has been acting all her life. These days, she stars in a Netflix series and you might catch her talking about film on Turner Classic Movies. As a result, she’s worth about $125 million. Though they recently divorced, her husband Will Kopelman is worth about $5 million.

drew barrymore, Will Kopelman, wage gapdrew barrymore, Will Kopelman, wage gap
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The pair had two daughters together, and they remain dedicated to being the best parents they can be to them. It goes to show that though being worth millions can make some things in life easier, it won’t fix everything.

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6. Gisele Bundchen

She’s worked the runway for brands like Victoria’s Secret, and her face frequently graces the cover of Vogue. Gisele Bundchen is one of the top paid models, and she even manages to outearn her husband New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Bundchen has a net worth of $400 million, while Brady’s worth is just $180 million.

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, wage gapGisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, wage gap
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The pair met on a blind date, which Bundchen almost blew off. Tired of bad blind dates, she wasn’t sure she wanted to try to meet anyone new. Yet, when the supermodel met Tom Brady for a drink sparks flew, and their whirlwind romance began.

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7. Gwen Stefani

Since her band No Doubt debuted their album Tragic Kingdom, Gwen Stefani has been a major star and style icon. Since No Doubt broke up, Stefani has enjoyed a successful solo career, launched her own fashion line, and joined the cast of The Voice. With a net worth of $100 million, Stefani is worth $40 million more than her partner Blake Shelton.

gwen stefani, blake shelton, wage gapgwen stefani, blake shelton, wage gap

Gwen met country star Blake Shelton in 2014 on the set of The Voice, where they both starred as coaches to aspiring talent. At the time, they were both married to other people. When those relationships ended, rumors started swirling around Gwen and Blake due to their obvious chemistry.

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8. Jennifer Aniston

For ten years, she lit up TV screens as Rachel Green on Friends. Since then, Jennifer Aniston made the jump into blockbuster movies, raking in cash for her roles in Horrible Bosses, Marley and Me, and more. Aniston’s net worth is estimated at $200 million, while her most recent husband Justin Theroux’s worth is only $20 million.

jennifer aniston, Justin Theroux, wage gapjennifer aniston, Justin Theroux, wage gap
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The pair were married from 2015 to 2017. They had dated for years before they wed, and prenup negotiations reportedly slowed the tempo on their wedding march. Though Aniston allegedly didn’t want to have a prenup, their eventual breakup shows that signing the paperwork worked out in her favor.

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9. Jessica Alba

This Fantastic Four star spends less time on screen lately. These days, Jessica Alba is more focused on being an entrepreneur and mother than on getting her close-up. As co-founder of The Honest Company, Alba sells natural household and beauty products, and her personal net worth is $350 million. Compare that to her husband, Cash Warren, who’s worth is estimated at $20 million.

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, wage gapJessica Alba, Cash Warren, wage gap
Mike Coppola/VF19/Getty Images for VF

You know you’re mega-rich when your worth actually makes $20 million seem small! Money wasn’t a concern when the two met on the set of Fantastic Four. Alba starred in the movie as Sue Storm, and Warren was working as a production assistant.

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10. Jessica Simpson

She’s a singer, actress, and reality TV star, but Jessica Simpson never claims to be a genius. Her adorable confusion about “Chicken of the Sea” on her show Newlyweds went the 2003 version of viral, yet Simpson has been secretly financially smart all along. The singer has a net worth of $150 million, making her husband NFL player Eric Johnson’s net worth of $100,000 look like very small potatoes.

jessica simpson, eric johnsonjessica simpson, eric johnson
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Though Simpson’s love life was once super public, she chose to keep her romance with Eric Johnson very private in the early stages. The two got engaged in 2010 and had two kids together before finally tying the knot in 2014.

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11. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one funny lady, and she’s got the trophies to prove it. She’s won an Emmy for her work in Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Veep. Not only that, but with a net worth of $200 million she’s laughing all the way to the bank, too. Her husband, on the other hand, writer Brad Hall is worth just $10 million.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, brad hallJulia Louis-Dreyfus, brad hall
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Life hasn’t been all laughs for Julia Louis-Dreyfus. In 2017 and 2018, she underwent treatment for breast cancer and has only recently announced she’s now cancer-free. Here’s hoping we get many more healthy and hilarious years from this dynamic star.

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12. Julia Roberts

It’s no surprise that America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts makes more than her husband. The pretty woman has been landing starring roles since the ‘80s, and her megawatt smile and down-to-earth charm have kept audiences captivated all along the way. Roberts is now worth about $200 million. Her husband, cinematographer Daniel Moder, shines behind the camera with a worth of $10 million.

julia roberts, danny moderjulia roberts, danny moder
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Though they’ve been together for nearly 20 years, the pair are still deeply in love. Roberts recently gushed to Gwyneth Paltrow on her podcast, “He truly, to this day, to this minute, is just my favorite human.”

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13. Kate Moss

This waifish model has been known to date musicians, so of course, it makes sense that she settled down with a rock and roller. Moss has made millions working the catwalk for designers like Calvin Klein, and she has a net worth of $80 million. Her husband, Jamie Hince, plays guitar in The Kills, but his net worth remains unknown.

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, wage gapKate Moss, Jamie Hince, wage gap
Fjeraku S/GC Images

Moss began her modeling career when she was just fourteen years old. In 2017, her daughter Lila Grace started following her footsteps down the runway, starting her own career at the same age. Looks like stunning looks run in the family!

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14. Kelly Ripa

Ever since her turn on the ABC soap All My Children, Kelly Ripa has been a true queen of the small screen. Since leaving soaps behind, this chatty lady has used her personality to bring home the bacon. Turns out her gift of gab has brought Ripa a $100 million net worth. Her husband, Mark Consuelos, lags behind with a worth of just $40 million.

kelly ripa, Mark Consueloskelly ripa, Mark Consuelos
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The couple has been married for over 20 years, and it looks like they’re still going strong. In addition to having three children together, they also have their own production company, Milojo. Talk about mixing business with pleasure!

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15. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is the queen of costume drama, which she proved at just 20 years old when she was the fifth youngest woman nominated for Best Actress for her performance in Pride and Prejudice. Knightley’s star power has propelled her to a net worth of $60 million, well overshadowing her musician husband James Righton who reportedly made only $6000 in 2014.

keira knightley, James Rightonkeira knightley, James Righton

Despite her high net worth, Knightley doesn’t like to live an extravagant lifestyle. She told Glamour, “I think living an (expensive) lifestyle means you can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle. It alienates you. Some of my best, most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places.”

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16. Kim Kardashian

Reality star and flat tummy lollipop peddler Kim Kardashian might come off as an airhead, but her financial statements prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. Appearances, endorsement deals, and her own mobile game added up handsomely for Kim, who has a net worth of $350 million. Her husband, Kanye West, is no slouch either, with a net worth of $250 million.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, wage gapKim Kardashian, Kanye West, wage gap
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Kim and Kanye, or Kimye as they are known to some fans, first started dating back in 2012. At the time, Kim was still married to NBA player Kris Humphries, and the affair was rather controversial. However, now that Kimye have settled down, the most controversy they’re likely to see is on Kanye’s Twitter feed. Take his phone away, Kim!

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17. Kristen Bell

This star of The Good Place and Frozen certainly doesn’t “Let It Go” where money is concerned. Funny lady Kristen Bell works hard for the money and is sitting pretty with a net worth of $20 million. Her husband, actor and comedian Dax Shepard, isn’t far behind her. His net worth is about $12 million.

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, wage gapKristen Bell, Dax Shepard, wage gap

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are among the sweetest and funniest couples in Hollywood. They have also been open about Shepard’s past struggles with substance abuse, and Kristen is publicly supportive of him and his sobriety. All in all, they seem relatable and fun, not to mention crazy about each other.

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18. Kylie Jenner

If you don’t know who Kylie Jenner is, please make room for me beneath the rock you live under. Just in case you don’t know, Kylie is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and she’s built an empire on lipgloss, selfies, and reality TV. She’s been hailed as the youngest self-made billionaire with a net worth of $900 million, though it’s up for debate how much her family’s considerable wealth and fame helped her reach that “self-made” billionaire status.

kylie jenner, travis scottkylie jenner, travis scott
Getty Images

Kylie’s maybe-fiance, rapper Travis Scott, is worth about $20 million, which is still not too shabby though it does look like pennies next to all the zeros in her bank account.

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19. Megan Fox

One of the babliest babes to ever babe, there’s no doubt that Megan Fox stuns in the looks department. Turns out her bank balance is equally stunning. With a net worth of $8 million, Fox has more money than most of us would know what to do with. Her husband, actor Brian Austin Green, is worth $4 million, just half the cash his wife has.

megan fox, brian austin greenmegan fox, brian austin green
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The couple met on set in 2004 and knew it was love at first sight. Aside from a brief separation in 2015, they have been together ever since. They have three children together: Bodhi, Journey, and Noah.

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20. Melissa McCarthy

She’s been a Bridesmaid and a Ghostbuster, but no matter what role she plays Melissa McCarthy knows how to bring the laughs. Between her film roles, SNL appearances, and other work, Melissa McCarthy has accumulated a net worth of $60 million. By contrast, her husband actor, writer, director Ben Falcone has a net worth of about $2 million.

melissa mccarthy, Ben Falconemelissa mccarthy, Ben Falcone
Warner Bros.

The two met at The Groundlings, an improv theater in Los Angeles. They fell in love before either ever got close to fame, and have been married since 2004. “I feel like I have two great kids and the dreamiest husband on the planet, and everything else is just a work in progress,” McCarthy told Us Weekly.

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21. Meryl Streep

Often hailed as the best actress of her generation, it’s easy to see why Meryl Streep has a net worth of $90 million. She’s starred in dozens of films, many of which have gone on to become classics, like Kramer Vs. Kramer and Sophie’s Choice. Her husband, sculptor Don Gummer, has a net worth of $10 million.

meryl streep, Don Gummermeryl streep, Don Gummer
Getty Images

The pair fell in love in 1978, shortly after Meryl’s former boyfriend and The Deer Hunter co-star passed away from cancer. Streep said, “I haven’t got over John’s death, but I’ve got to go on living and Don has showed me how to do that.”

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22. Natalie Portman

She’s played Star Wars’ Queen Amidala and Jackie Onassis, and there’s even a band out there called Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. With a diverse and often critically-acclaimed career, it’s no wonder that Natalie Portman is the breadwinner in her household. Portman has a net worth of about $60 million. Her husband, dancer Benjamin Millepied, is worth about $900,000.

natalie portman, Benjamin Millepiednatalie portman, Benjamin Millepied
Getty Images

Portman met Millepied, whose last name is French for “one thousand feet,” on the set of her movie Black Swan. He was the film’s choreographer, but director Darren Aronofsky eventually cast him as her dance partner in the film as well. They have been married since 2012.

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23. Nicole Kidman

This glamorous star has shone in dozens of movies, including The Hours, Eyes Wide Shut, and Batman Forever. With beauty, grace, and considerable talent, Nicole Kidman has earned her net worth of $130 million. She’s married to country singer Keith Urban, who has a net worth of about $75 million.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, wage gapNicole Kidman, Keith Urban, wage gap
Walt Disney Television/Flickr

The two met in 2005, and Nicole Kidman knew within a month of dating that she wanted to marry the country star. For his part, Urban says, “Meeting her and getting married wasn’t life-changing, it was life-beginning. It was literally, like, ‘OK, life starts.’”

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24. Nicole Richie

Ever since she and then-BFF Paris Hilton hit the road in their reality series The Simple Life, Nicole Richie has been tabloid fodder. Though Richie partied with Lindsay Lohan, she lived up to her name and stashed away plenty of cash. Thanks to her TV roles and fashion line, Richie is now worth about $17 million.

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, wage gapNicole Richie, Joel Madden, wage gap
Michael Connors/US Army via Wikimedia Commons

Her husband, Joel Madden, is in the band Good Charlotte with Cameron Diaz’s husband. Joel Madden’s net worth is about $16 million, placing Nicole squarely in the breadwinner seat. If Nicole Richie wears the pants, you know they’re designer.

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25. Oprah Winfrey

You knew we’d get to her eventually, right? Self-help guru, book club leader, and talk show sensation Oprah Winfrey is one of the wealthiest and most influential humans alive today. With a net worth of $2.5 billion and millions of devoted fans, it’s no surprise that she earns more than her long-term beau Stedman Graham, who’s worth about $10 million.

oprah winfrey, Stedman Grahamoprah winfrey, Stedman Graham

The couple has been together since 1986. In 1992, they were engaged to be married, but they chose to forego the service in favor of a “spiritual union” instead. Whatever that is, it’s clearly working for them. They’ve been together for over 30 years.

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26. Reese Witherspoon

Nobody plays an uptight perfectionist as lovably as Reese Witherspoon. Her roles in Election, Legally Blonde, and Big Little Lies allowed the star to show off her persnickety side, and her production company Type A pays homage to her childhood nickname. All that nitpicking has paid off for Reese, and she currently has a net worth of about $150 million.

Reese Witherspoon, Jim Toth, wage gapReese Witherspoon, Jim Toth, wage gap
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards

Witherspoon’s husband, talent agent Jim Toth, has a net worth of $4 million. The pair met at a party, when Toth came to Reese’s rescue as a drunk guest accosted her. They tied the knot in 2011 in Ojai, California and have a son together.

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27. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She’s played many, many roles, but Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be Buffy Summers to us. Though acting has taken a back seat to her food crafting company and raising her kids, Gellar is still enjoying the fruits of her vampire slaying labor. She’s currently worth about $20 million, and her husband,‘90s teen idol Freddie Prinze Jr., is right behind her with a net worth of $19 million.

sarah michelle gellar, Freddie Prinze Jrsarah michelle gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr
Getty Images

Gellar has always been frugal and says she was the last one of the Buffy cast to buy a new car. She recalls, “I think I was very well aware already…you heard all those stories about actors that make money and people run off with it. And I remember thinking, ‘If I ever had money like that, I would know where it was at all times.’”

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28. Scarlett Johansson

Though she’s still young, Scarlett Johansson has been acting for decades. She often gets more press for her banging bod, but Scarlett is also a talented actress with an intellectual streak. Today, she’s worth about $100 million thanks to her film roles and endorsement deals. She’s currently dating Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost, who’s worth about $6 million.

Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost, wage gapScarlett Johansson, Colin Jost, wage gap
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The two met when Johansson guest-starred on SNL as Ivanka Trump. She reprised this impression a few times during the season, leading Jost’s SNL co-star Kate McKinnon to set them up. The couple currently live together and are swarmed with constant engagement rumors.

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29. Sarah Jessica Parker

Just kidding! SJP isn’t doing any Carrie Bradshaw-style wondering about her financial status. Thanks to her film and TV roles, endorsement deals, and popular fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker is now worth about $100 million. Her husband, Matthew Broderick, is worth less than half that, at $40 million.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, wage gapSarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, wage gap
David Shankbone/Flickr

The two have been together since 1992 and they are still madly in love. Sarah says, “He’s probably the funniest fellow I’ve met in my whole life. He’s so bright, so handsome, I think he’s the most handsome man I’ve seen in my life. And he inspires me. I’m mad for him, totally.”

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30. Tina Fey

Mean Girls writer and 30 Rock star Tina Fey has no problem pushing back against traditional gender roles. The first female head writer of Saturday Night Live is currently worth about $65 million. Her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, has actually created music for some of her shows and is worth about $3 million.

tina fey, Jeff Richmondtina fey, Jeff Richmond
Getty Images

Richmond told the NY Post how Tina Fey won his heart with some characteristically unsexy antics. “Tina always made me laugh. She used to eat a lot of chocolate cake in those days, and she’d black up one of her teeth during conversation. It may be losing something in translation here, but it was very funny and very, very adorable.”