Gas. We all need it and we all need to pay for it. Often times, it seems like we pay far too much for something so necessary for everyday life. The tips given here will help save a little money at the pump, keeping it in your wallet for other things.

Plan Your Drive

Whether it’s a long road trip you’ve never driven before or your everyday commute, it’s important to plan your travel routes. Doing so can help you find numerous shortcuts to shave miles off the ride and can help you plan your stops to take place where you can get gas the cheapest.

Maintain Your Vehicle

You can ensure your vehicle keeps its best gas mileage by doing some regular maintenance. Most important to keeping your mileage high is inflating your tires to the proper air pressure. Other things to do for maintenance include: changing filters, getting the engine professionally tuned and using the right oil (changed regularly!).

Choose The Right Gas

You may be tempted to buy high or premium grade fuel, but unless your vehicle specifically requires (specifically requires, not just recommends) it, it isn’t necessary for you to pay the extra cost. Regular grade fuel will get you where you need to go just as well and at less cost.

Drive Efficiently

Driving at steady, moderate speeds is beneficial to your fuel company. Aggressive driving actions such as accelerating or braking quickly and frequently will cost you more gas. Be patient and efficient, don’t give in to road rage or unnecessary hurry and you will grateful when you get to the pump.

Drive Less, Pay Less

The biggest tip you can follow to spend less on gas is to drive less! While driving is a necessary part of most of our lives, there are plenty of ways to cut out unnecessary trips. Carpool to work, take the bus to your favorite hang-out or go for a walk rather than a drive on a nice day.