Recruiters are attracted to people who are already working. Period. So, if you aren’t desperate for work, this is the best time to position yourself for a new job. This begs the question, how do I attract high-quality recruiters? Luckily for you, we have a few handy tips that will help get the ball rolling.

Don’t lose your job

Like we’ve already said, recruiters are attracted to people who are employed, so don’t make your employment search evident to your boss. Not only does this make things super awkward around the office, but it also jeopardizes your job.

Prepare yourself for when a recruiter contacts you. Ensure your resume is up to date and that you’ve inserted a personal branding statement at the top. This should highlight your job title and what you’ve achieved. Keep it unique, and try and inject a little personality into your branding- recruiters hate cliches!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters are always scouring LinkedIn for fresh talent, so make sure your profile picture looks professional, your contact information is correct, and that your summary includes phrases employers are searching for.

You should also join a few LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry; these are amazing for making good quality connections. Once every couple of weeks post an article that will interest people in your niche (curated content works fine). This is amazing for establishing a presence without being aggressive.

Get proactive

Head to Google and start compiling a list of the best recruiters for your industry. Then delve a little deeper and find who within the company is headhunting people with your skillset.

Once you’ve established who they are, ping them a LinkedIn request or a short email introducing yourself. It never hurts to be proactive!