Today’s economic expansion and bull market are both about nine years old. As they mature, most economists and market watchers are predicting a potential slow down in the next few years. That is, with the exception of one man who commands a great deal of respect on Wall Street. Who, you may ask?

Warren Buffett.

The Oracle of Omaha

The business magnate, investor, and philanthropist has a much more optimistic outlook on today’s economy.

“Right now, there’s no question: It’s feeling strong. I mean, if we’re in the sixth inning, we have our sluggers coming to bat right now,” Buffett said in an interview with Becky Quick on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

“Business is good. There’s no question about it,” Buffet added.

How Much More Room To Grow?

If we take a look at Buffet’s baseball analogy, there’s a good possibility the economy will stay stable for another four to five years or until about 2023. Jamie Dimon, J.P. Morgan’s CEO, also participated in the interview and backed up Buffet’s claims. Dimon believes the business and consumer sentiment is still strong.

However, this is a far rosier picture than other economists are painting about the U.S. economy.

Partially due to the Trump tax cuts during a time known as “full employment,” other economists and investors think the Federal Reserve will have to increase interest rates faster than expected to hold off inflation. This, in turn, could crimp investments.

The National Association for Business Economics also found there’s a growing concern about the impact of tariffs and a trade war could have on the gross domestic product. Two-thirds of the association’s economists believe a recession could show its head even as early as 2020.

Why Is Buffet So Enthusiastic?

Considering how many top economists are forecasting a recession in the next year or so, it is very intriguing that Buffet’s outlook remains so optimistic.