Is your small business ready to embrace the holiday season? For many retailers, the months between October and December are the busiest of the year. Yet, many entrepreneurs feel like they can’t compete with the big guys. If you’re worried about bringing in customers this time of year, here are five strategies you can use to up your holiday game (and rake in the big bucks).

Offer layaway

In the past, layaway was fairly common. If a customer wanted to buy something they didn’t have enough money for, they could make deposits and claim the item when it was fully paid off. Today, many large retailers are bringing the practice back. As a small local shop, offering layaway could be a great way to draw in holiday traffic.

Sell gift cards

Consumers enjoy gift cards because of convenience. They’re perfect for last-minute shoppers, people who forgot to buy a gift, or the customer who just can’t decide what to buy. As an added bonus, selling gift cards decreases returned merchandise, as the end recipient can choose the gift they actually want.

Provide premium add-ons

Holiday shoppers are all about convenience. And if you can make things easier for them, you’ll be their go-to retailer all holiday season. Consider offering premium or personalized services that other (larger) retailers do not. For instance, if you’re a restaurant, you could offer home delivery on Christmas Day (with cleanup).

Add a little holiday cheer

Shopping can be super stressful–especially during the holidays. Stores are packed, traffic is terrible, and consumers are struggling to find gifts for everyone on their list. Make your establishment feel a little more welcoming and cozy by adding festive decorations, playing happy music, or even offering free hot cocoa and cookies to weary shoppers.

Make shopping convenient

Today’s consumer wants what they want when they want it. There is no waiting around for out-of-stock items or long shipping times. If you want to truly compete with large-chain retailers, you need to offer a multichannel shopping experience. That means having a variety of options available in addition to your physical retail location, including an e-commerce app and catalog shopping.