Yoga Journal

Have you ever watched successful people and wondered, “How do they do it?”.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. While a lot of success is dictated by motivation and drive, there are also several tips and tricks that keep successful people thriving and prosperous. Here are their secrets.

Hitting The Gym

Exercise is great for the brain. In addition, it can keep your body working better for longer. Maxing out on lifting weights isn’t required, though, as this can put you at risk for injury. A regular, consistent exercise routine feeds the body and keeps successful people’s mental state sharper than ever.

Getting Enough Rest

Simply put, sleep and relaxation are great for health. The body needs time to recharge and rest to perform its best. Some successful people, such as Oprah, even take rest a step further and practice meditation to calm their minds. This method of entering deep relaxation helps successful people stay on their toes and ready to face whatever obstacles lay in their path.

Reading Books Regularly

Keeping the mind active may be one of the most important tips on this list. Routinely reading books or the latest news on current events can open up your understanding of other cultures, broaden vocabularies, and keep you in the loop on what’s happening today (and what market moves to make tomorrow). A healthy dose of alone time can also do wonders for your psyche and productivity.

Keeping A Positive Attitude

Successful people are optimistic. They find effective ways to reduce their stress, which can aid in the good, productive kind of stress: eustress. They also laugh! Laughter is known as the best medicine and is indulged in regularly by the most successful people. Engaging in silliness can keep your spirit up while breaking up the potential monotony of daily work.

Sticking To A Morning Routine

Consistency is key. Finding a morning routine that works is an important way to get a head start on the day and lead a successful life. Some may even want to consider incorporating two other healthy practices, exercising or reading, into your early morning schedule. The early bird gets the worm!