Settling down on the couch to binge watch your favorite episodes on TV shouldn’t wreck your wallet. When you receive your cable bill, you may simply put up with paying too much, instead of making some easy changes. Get a grip on your finances without compromising on entertainment, and use some helpful methods to cut down on out of control cable costs.

Scrutinize extra fees

When you get your cable bill, give it a long look over to make sure you aren’t charged any unnecessary or exorbitant fees. You can avoid being bilked out of additional money by calling up your service provider and ask for a full explanation for the extra charges. Some charges can be taken off if you change your plan, or complain about excessive increases.


Avoid long-term commitments

It may seem like a sweet deal at first, signing up for a lengthy two-year contract with a cable service provider. Your wallet might take a bruising if you don’t consider paying a month-to-month plan instead. In the long run, you can save more money with a more flexible payment schedule. If need be, you can switch to a competitor for cheaper service without nasty exit fees.


Nudge your provider to negotiate

Don’t feel trapped by your cable service provider plan. Give customer service a ring and be prepared to do some negotiation. Cable service providers are always competing to woo new customers with discounts and promo deals, while you’re stuck with higher fees. Make them a deal they can’t refuse, or threaten to quit using their services to shave down your bill.


Bundle up your services

If you love spending time surfing the Internet, streaming shows on your smart devices, and watching the boob tube while lounging on the couch, go for a bundle. A bundle deal with a media services provider can help cut down costs, as you can avoid paying multiple bills. You might get lucky if the service provider is willing to offer you a promo package.

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Trim down the extras

Honestly, you don’t have enough time to watch all of those premium TV channels. Cut down on the number of channels you are paying for on a recurring basis. Instead of plunking down extra cash for a DVR, you might be able to catch a missed show the following day. Skip out on multiple cable boxes, and watch your bill drop it like its hot.

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