Man Playing Games on a Desktop

Unsplash/Mark Cruz

When you play video games on your computer, there’s nothing better than Steam, where you can buy and download thousands of PC, Mac, and Linux games from one site, some of them at great discounts. Nothing better, except maybe getting those games for free. Happily for gamers, this isn’t one of those unceasing but useless Internet offers. It’s legit. You really can earn Steam gift cards that will let you buy that one game you really want without expending a single penny (nor a bitcoin).  If you use Steam, you’re probably already aware that it offers some “free to play” games for members, too.

Now, if you’d rather spend your precious free time playing ‘Rocket League’ or ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ or another personal favorite instead of sifting through endless screens finding Steam gift card offers, that’s cool. You can zone in on the five best free ones right here, no need to lose any oomph (or go out of energy, either.) Here’s the shortcut:


Swagbucks rewards members with free gift cards for performing tasks online. It’s popular for a reason: it’s simple to use and offers a wide range of rewards. This includes Steam gift cards! To get that Swagbucks gift card into your Steam Wallet, you could complete surveys. But you’d probably be more comfortable with its other options, which are mostly stuff you probably do anyway. Watching streaming videos is one Swagbuck activity, searching the Internet is another. And it’s also a place where you can (drum roll) play games to earn Swagbucks to buy games on Steam for free. Do make sure you take into account some of the restrictions, though. Some of the Steam games have restrictions on age, for example, and you have to have a Steam account, complete with an authorized Steam Subscriber Agreement, to use Steam Wallet funds obtained via Swagbucks. Make sure you have the details completed before you try to redeem Swagbucks, and also make sure you’re old enough to get the games you want from Steam. (No upper age limit, though!)


Raise helps you get free Steam gift cards and resolve awkward family gift-giving situations at the same time. Okay, it’s not precisely free, but from the gamer’s perspective, it’s the equivalent. On the Raise site, you can take one of those gift cards you always seem to acquire from someone in the fam who doesn’t get you. You sell it for cash at the price you choose, and Raise pays you most of the purchase price when it sells. Then, you can turn around and buy someone else’s card for sale on the site. Like, yes, Steam! You may even get a discount on the face value of the Steam card, so the whole transaction is win-win-winning. And if you ever get a little less focused on gaming (as if), the Raise Marketplace offers good clearance deals on lots of different merchandise, along with discounts at places you might shop.


Here’s where you don’t have to be a computer gamer to get in on the free Steam gift card fun. FreeMyApps lets you use the phone for the freebies. You basically earn rewards downloading and trying various apps from your phone to tap the rewards. Here’s some more motivation: As you might expect, some of these play-to-pay-for-other-stuff apps are games.


Around since 2011, InstaGC isn’t all that different from the others: Users complete the typical activities to earn rewards. Expect to take surveys, watch ads, search the Internet, etc., to earn rewards points. You’ll need a minimum of 100 points to redeem. All pretty ordinary. But what makes it such a nice way to earn Steam gift cards without spending real dollars is that Steam sometimes parlays with InstaGC to make a special offer on its site. And even if you aren’t around during one of the Steam-sponsored offers, you can always cash out your InstaGC points for Steam gift cards.


Earnably is like a streamlined Swagbucks. It has far fewer tasks, but that makes it easier to find some you’d like to take on. Some of the options include watching videos or taking surveys. If you’re into it, you can also “complete offers” on Earnably. Keep in mind, though, experts warn against going so far as to enter too much personal or financial information on such activities. You’re not going to be playing games for low-level profit on Earnably, either, but it’s an easy-access way to start earning reward points that can become coveted Steam gift cards later.

And the honorable mentions

Once you’ve started with the top sites that let you earn free gift cards to use on Steam, you might want to try a couple of mid-level ones. SurveyJunkie, for example, only occasionally offers Steam as a cashout option. But it does on occasion, and you can always save the Paypal rewards money it consistently offers and use them to purchase games from Steam (or to add V-bucks for Epic Games or Fortnite, your choice.) SurveyJunkie is just what it sounds like, so don’t expect to be playing games or testing game apps, but it’s still an option. PrizeRebel is another site that pays out in Steam gift cards but focuses mainly on surveys.

Before you start, there’s one other caution. Experts advise avoiding those pesky Steam Wallet ‘code generators’. “Generators never work, and are designed to be click-bait scams to get you to take their surveys or click their ads,” Netsmackers warns.