Unsplash / OC Gonzalez

Have you ever wanted to make some more money while working from home? Maybe you want some extra spending money, or you need a little help on your rent this month. The point is, working from home is a great way to earn some extra cash — and with these five weird jobs, you can get in on the work-from-home movement.

Teach English Online

People all over the world want to learn a new language, and one of those languages is yours! The demand for English teachers online is only growing higher. Many websites let you set your own schedule, and the pay is pretty competitive (sometimes more than $20 an hour). It’s a great gig!

Rent Out Your Car

Yes, this is a real thing. A website called allows you to rent out your car for an hour at a time, so you can sit at home collecting the payment while someone else does all the driving. Sounds like a perfect job to do while you’re watching Netflix next Saturday night!

Sell Your Skills

Everyone has a special set of skills to share. Websites like connect buyers with sellers of all types. Whether you want to walk dogs, wash cars, or teach piano, can connect you with people who want to pay you to do those exact things. It’s a job made especially for you.

Freelance Writing

You don’t have to be writing the next Great American Novel to make money off of your writing. Plenty of websites will pay you to write articles, blogs, and manage their social media. This is a fantastic part-time gig that gives you a super flexible schedule but still pays well.

Unlock Your Phone

Yeah, you can actually get paid for this. For Android users specifically, there’s an app called Locket that will pay you every time you unlock your phone in exchange for putting ads on your lock screen. It doesn’t pay much, but it takes minimal effort and you can work as often as you use your phone! This may be the easiest work-from-home gig of them all.