1. 4 Deals in January

January is always the worst month ever. It’s right after Christmas, so you’re broke(r than usual), your dreams of finally sticking to your New Years resolutions are already broken, and you’re somehow still hungover from New Years even though January is halfway over (am I getting old?). 

Here are the best things to buy in January, and why:

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Adopting Pets. Many families make the mistake of adopting a pet for their child or family member but end up returning the animal to the shelter because of allergies, cost, or responsibility. Shelters usually nix adoption costs because of the overfilling, so if you’re ready for a pet, get one in January.

Winter Clothing. Move aside, winter clothing. Spring is coming! Most (very pricey)  winter clothing is now overflowing on the clearance racks, so channel your inner cold shopaholic and binge on those coats.

2. More Deals in January

Fitness Products. Many fitness products and equipment go on sale to entice those New Years Resolutioners to buy home gym equipment instead of a gym membership (psssstt— a home gym is more cost effective in the long run)! If you are considering a treadmill, now is the time to put that X-mas money to use.

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Bedding. Known as the White Sale, this annual January bedding sale is meant to get extra inventory out, and to make room for more. Why January, though? Well, there’s no better time to get a fresh, clean start (because how long has it really been since you’ve cleaned your comforter? *shudder*).

3. 4 Deals in February

February has a unique vibe around the whole month that’s honestly incredibly contagious. The days go by faster because the month is shorter (not by much, but it feels like it is), Valentine’s day is precisely in the middle (which makes it the humpday of February, if you know what I mean), and the Super Bowl brings on some fun opportunities to turn your loved ones into your mortal enemies. But also, the discounts!

Here are the best things to buy in February, and why:

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TV. The time to buy a television is without a doubt the 2 days before the Super Bowl. If you miss this window, your next best time is Black Friday. So, whatever you do, don’t miss this window. 

Mattresses. February is generally the best time to buy a bed (no one knows why, but prices go down, so just do it).

4. More Deals in February

Home Goods. As sad as it is, President’s Day’s only significance anymore seems to be barbeques, days off, and discounts. But we’d be lying if we said those discounts aren’t fantastic. The best-discounted products are definitely in the home goods aisles, so grab your humidifiers, interior paint, paintings, and side tables in honor of the great Teddy Roosevelt.

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Winter products. I know we just said to buy winter clothing in January, but winter products are a different story. Usually, the snow melts a little more, and the snow blowers, shovels, and plows are significantly cheaper. People (and retailers!) are starting to look towards Spring, so now is the time to stock up on winter products.

5. 2 Deals in March

So, maybe I just have an intense dislike for the early months, but March is arguably worse than January since the only holiday is St. Patricks Day, and apparently it’s “not enough of a holiday” to get a day off work. However, it’s one of the few times in the year that you can get the worst hangover of your life from disturbingly green alcoholic drinks. So, why not enjoy it?

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Here are the best things to buy in March, and why:

6. More Deals in March

Luggage. Have you ever heard of ‘shoulder season’? It refers to travel gaps where people are less likely to think about travel, plan for travel, or actually travel. So, if you need a new set of matching suitcases, some carry on duffels, or a cute passport wallet now is your time to shine.

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Golf Clubs. To prep for summer, most sports shops will put their older golf inventory on sale to make room for the new ones.

7. 4 Deals in April

Ok, so April might be my favorite month because I love spring cleaning way more than I should. That being said, there are a lot of cleaning related sales that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, just for you guys, I put in some non-cleaning supplies that are still on deep discount during April.

Here are the best things to buy in April, and why:

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Thrifted/Consignment Clothing. So, I lied, this has nothing to do with spring cleaning. But, it doesn’t have to do with your cleaning. Since so many people are cleaning out their closets, many thrift stores and consignment stores are getting a ton of those “well, I love this, and I paid a lot of money for this, but I never wear it” clothes. Take advantage of other people’s impulse buys!

8. More Deals in April

Vacuums. Looking at department stores and manufacturer’s sites for vacuum sales during spring is probably the most adult thing you can do. Yes, it’s not fun, and yes, vacuums are just about the most un-exciting item to ever buy but come on… Your vacuum can’t even get that cracker you dropped last Christmas and kicked under the counter. Time to upgrade!

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Containers. You’ve heard it at least 4 times now, but the beginning and end of any season show you the best deals. So, let the start of spring show you all those discounted boxes, shelves, containers, bowls, and bins your heart could ever possibly desire. Since this is also tax season, the added push toward organization couldn’t be better timed.

9. 7 Deals in May

The beginning of summer, Memorial Day, and the end of the college semester. A magical time such as this has unlimited deals, so let’s get down to business.

Here are the best things to buy in May, and why:

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Star Wars Paraphernalia. May the 4th be with you as you shop your dear heart out for all the nerdiest paraphernalia you can find. The cool part is, this holiday is celebrated with discounts by most large companies like Target, Macy’s, and Amazon.

10. More Deals in May

Office Furniture. Fun fact: Office furniture prices drop as low as 50% in May, and no one knows why. I mean, sure, maybe someone does, but it’s not me or anyone on Google, so it doesn’t count. Bonus: Walmart has the best deals during this time, so go there first!

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GoPro. Well, technically, any action cameras are on deep discounts during May, but let’s not lie to ourselves and say there are better action cameras than GoPro. Anyways, they’re on sale so that they can release their new models in June.

11. A Few More Deals in May

Fridges/Freezers. May/June is when large kitchen appliance companies start putting out new models, but since they’re, well, large, they need to get the old stock out fast. I mean, who doesn’t want a freezer that speaks to you and connects to your cell phone? Come on, get with the times.

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Blenders. The sad truth is, there aren’t many good, reliable, built-to-last appliances anymore. Nowadays, you sacrifice the quality for the price, but in the long run, you spend more replacing the cheap ones than you do initially purchasing the good ones. So, save yourself a pretty penny and buy a quality blender or mixer when it’s cheap. You’ll thank yourself later.

12. 3 Deals in June

June is, apparently, halfway through the year, so the semi-annual sales are up the wahoo this time of year. It’s also the best time to celebrate half birthdays for December babies who get cheated on presents because their birthdays are too close to Christmas (I feel you guys, it sucks).

Here are the best things to buy in June, and why:

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Textbooks. This was the secret money-saving tip that I tried and subsequently failed to keep a secret. After the year is over, most students either sell their books back to their bookstores, or they sell them online for stupid cheap to get rid of them. All of the online stores also still have the most affordable versions (aka, the ones that have all the answers written in the margins), so this is the time to get the $400 textbook for a sweet $15.98.

13. More Deals in June

Semi-Annual Victoria’s Secret Sale. We all unconsciously know about this sale because almost every woman is inside Victoria’s secret during this life-altering event. But, VS isn’t your only BFF during this month. Bath and Body Works, Bloomingdales, The Children’s Place, Coach, Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstrom, REI, Saks, Sephora, Ulta, and Zara also have unbeatable semi-annuals. Get out there and get a new wardrobe!

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Gym Memberships. With everyone traveling during the summers, most gyms are relatively empty as compared to the beginning or end of the year. Even though they may already have great deals advertised, many gyms are willing to haggle. If you’re good enough, you may even get a free month or two.

14. 4 Deals in July

Ok, so we searched everywhere to find some deep discounts on fireworks, but it looks like the best deals come right after July 4th, not before. Anywho, there are still hundreds of excellent Independence Day sales at the beginning of the month, and a few more down the road for Amazon Prime Day.

Here are the best things to buy in July, and why:

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Washers/Dryers. Independence Day sales are continuing to get bigger and bigger, especially since after July, people tend to stop buying expensive household items to save for Christmas purchases.

Kitchen Appliances. Again, Independence Day sales are fantastic! But, couple this with Prime Day sales, and you’ll be able to revamp your entire house for cheaper than you’d ever imagine.

15. More Deals in July

Prime Day. Let’s be honest; there are way too many sales on Amazon Prime already. But today the sales get real, and your bank account will be screaming to be blessed with the honor of sacrificing it’s last few cents for that new espresso machine you’ve been wanting. Plus, the added lure of two-day shipping sweetens the deal.

Deals on Jewelry

Jewelry. Since July is, arguably, the least likely month to buy gifts, propose, or celebrate anything of significance (sorry, July babies, I don’t make the rules), jewelers are much more likely to stretch their sales and negotiate a bit to make their quarterly sales quotas. You are also more likely to have some money saved up around this time of year.

16. 6 Deals in August

August is unofficially back-to-school-preppers month. This is when students from all over the world get their school supply lists, new dress code rules, textbook lists, and the infamous “Freshman Dorm Supply List.” Even if you aren’t a college student, the discounts given during this month are too good to resist.

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Here are the best things to buy in August, and why:

17. More Deals in August

Summer Clothing. Sun’s out, buns out, am I right? Well, not anymore. As schools across the US are tightening their dress code rules, there is now an obvious difference between “summer” clothes and “school summer” clothes. So all those cute tank tops, tube tops, mesh shirts and ripped jeans are inevitably going to go in the shameful clearance corner, where everyone without dress codes will be fighting for that last yellow, rippled tube top.

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Laptops. Best Buy tends to have the best back-to-school sales on laptops if you have a school ID or are with someone who is in school. If you aren’t in school, however, this might be the perfect time to steal your niece or nephew for a few hours, buy them ice cream, and use them to get a discounted laptop. After all, ice cream makes everything better, right?

18. A Few More Deals in August

Headphones. I’m admittedly kind of jealous that students get a whole month of discounts just for them. But, when I reminisce to my back to school days, I can recall both my mom and me arguing over whether to get the 20 pack of cheap mechanical pencils or the 3 pack of beautiful, colorful mechanical pencils. Sorry, mom, I understand the struggle now; you were right. 

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Urban Vinyl

Printers. Ok, this is the last back to school sale I will mention for August, but it is a good one. Printers are ridiculously cheap this month, so get that fancy one that prints business cards, photos, and stickers, and load up on the ink cartridges while you’re at it.

19. Even More Deals in August

Shoes. So, I lied. That wasn’t the last back to school sale. But come on, everyone loves shoes. And even if you haven’t been to Payless since your 8th-grade dance, it might be worth a trip to see if you can find some hidden fashion staples that are just the right price. 

Shoes, Payless, discount, back to school, august
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School Supplies. Obvi, right? Well, not always. Sometimes, a brand new leather notebook and a $17 pen can spark those philosophical, imaginative, hopeful, creative thoughts (no, your new job didn’t murder your creativity. At least, not all the way. Yet.). It never hurts to have a drawer of school supplies handy when inspiration strikes.

20. 3 Deals in September

Labor Day consistently has the craziest deals of all time, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy things right now, necessarily. You’ll see what I mean in the next slide.

Here are the best things to buy in September, and why:

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New phones. September always brings the latest iPhones, iPads, and Macs, which means the older models always go on sale. Personally, I’m a loyal iPhone 6 Plus-er so I buy new ones every year, but if you have the iPhone upgrade program, this is the perfect time to get the latest iPhone, and then complain that it’s not as good as the older one.

21. More Deals in September

Mattresses. Wait, didn’t I say mattresses should be bought in February? Yes, yes I did, but who can resist a good Labor Day sale? If you missed the February marker and your back feels like it is actively being broken and then put back together each night, then maybe it’s time to get a new one.

Discount, september, rental, vacation, bahamas
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Vacation Rentals. I told you I’d tell you! This is where you don’t necessarily need to buy something right now, but where it would be really, really cheap to book. Any cruises, resorts, or bus tours are pretty dry in sales during September, so take advantage of the deals and book something unique!

22. 3 Deals in October

Halloween, Colombus Day, and literally nothing else. October is tough because most people are starting to make lists of things to buy next month for Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t splurge a little on some better discounts.

Here are the best things to buy in October, and why:

Halloween, discounts, october, snowblower,
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Snow Blowers. This is one of those things that you want to have in your garage before you need it and before other people start requiring it, too. If you wait a month or two to buy one when demand goes up, there’s no way you’ll find one for a reasonable price, but in October, there are tons of great models for even better prices.

23. More Deals in October

New Orleans Vacation. New Orleans seems like a random place to put on this list (especially if you live there), but honestly, October is not only the cheapest time to visit, but also the perfect time. There are fewer crowds, more locals, better weather, cheap hotels, and less expensive flights. Why not?

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Outdoor Gear. Along the same lines as the snowblowers, the outdoor gear is just being released for those early birds who understand supply and demand economics and are looking for a good deal (hint-hint, you should be one of those people!). Ready to look like an REI catalog? This is your moment.

24. All The Deals in November

So, let’s get this straight. In November, there is Black Friday, Veterans Day, and Cyber Monday? Who, in their right mind, planned this chaos? I’ll be honest, almost anything you want to buy this month is going to be on ridiculous sales, and you have 3 separate opportunities to buy them. Choo choo! Your excuse train has left the station.

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Lawyers, Guns & Money

If you want to be ahead of the game, I would suggest making a substantial list of all the things you need (so you don’t get derailed by all the cool stuff you see), and then make a list of all the things your people want for Christmas. Stick to your list and you will come out on top.

25. 3 Deals in December

So, this month is a little odd because one of the suggestions is not necessarily “on discount,” but it’s still something you should consider. You’ll see in the next slide, trust me.

Here are the best things to buy in December, and why:

wedding dress, december, cheap, boutique
Our Wedding Ideas

Wedding Dresses. From what I’ve seen, not many weddings happen in December, and not many people go wedding dress shopping this month, either. So, to meet quotas and make sales, wedding shops are hosting considerable sales in December on some of their best dresses.

26. More Deals in December

Golf Clubs. Not many people golf during the winter months (unless you’re in California), so many golf sets are on sale during December to make room for Spring golfing season. And anyway, Dad is literally the worst person to buy gifts for, so maybe this might be your lucky Christmas!

december baby, cheap, tax, insurance
Unsplash/Shelby Miller

Having A Baby. I haven’t let you down yet, have I? So, by “have a baby,” I don’t mean “start having a baby,” I mean “birth your baby in December by any means necessary.” Why? Well, if you have a baby in December, it can literally save you thousands of dollars. Read this article for more information on the tax and insurance benefits of having a December baby!

27. 4 Deals in Spring

Oh, Spring. It’s rainy and sunny; it’s cold and warm, it’s colorful and slightly dead still; it’s honestly perfection if you ask me. This is my favorite time of the year, so let me convince you why it should be yours, as well.

Here are the best things to buy in Spring, and why:

plants, discount, spring, cheap, decor
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Plants. Plants are in abundance in Spring, but that also means that it is the best time to buy all your new potted and planted friends, especially if their shelf lives aren’t that long in stores. What better way to add some color and bring some life to your home?

28. More Deals in Spring

Used Furniture. LetGo, OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, thrift stores, and consignment stores all have amazing deals from people who are looking to get rid of their stuff, fast. One person’s trash may just be your treasure.

Couch, discount, cheap, used, chic, shabby, spring cleaning
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I mean, I just recently purchased a brand new leather couch off of LetGo for $500, and it was initially $3,500. See what you can find and let us know in the comments! We love hearing about your discounted finds!

29. Even More Deals in Spring

Thrifted Clothing. As I said, everyone and their mothers are Spring cleaning during this time. Out with the old and in with the new, even if that new is someone else’s old!

puppy, baby animals, spring,

Baby Animals. It sounds weird to say that baby animals are discounted during the Spring season, but it’s true, so I have to put it here. All the local pets are looking to multiply, so there’s usually an influx of oopsie babies around this time. If you’re ready for a pet, look at your local shelters, or join some Facebook groups for re-homing/adopting animals!

30. 3 Not-So-Good-Deals in Summer

So, besides the Summer month deals I mentioned earlier, Summer is a financially difficult time for many people. Between the higher electricity bills from your AC, the wedding gifts, the parties, and the vacation splurges, money is very, very tight. So, here are some things to avoid in the summer because of the crazy inflation.

Weeing, summer, bad idea, expensive
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Weddings. Do not. I repeat, do not have your wedding in the summer. Not only is the heat unbearable for your guests, but you’ll be paying up to triple the amount for every aspect of your wedding. Not to mention, a summer wedding is kind of a cliche. Just don’t do it.

31. More Not-So-Good-Deals in Summer

Cars. Cars are always going on sale towards the end of the year but they still spike massively during May and June, specifically. It is difficult though because many old cars break down during the summer due to the heat and high traffic so, if it is possible, plan ahead!

apartment, rental, summer, bad, expensive
Unsplash/Jan Jakub Nanista

Houses/Apartments. Yes, there are a lot more houses and apartments available during this time, but the prices are outrageous as compared to during the Winter time. If you can wait, then wait. If you can’t, you will have to bite the bullet and possibly pay up to 25% more.

32. 2 Deals in Winter

Winter is, primarily, holiday season, so not many people are looking to buy big things for other events during this time. If you can manage it, here are a few big things to buy during Winter that will definitely save you a pretty penny when you didn’t expect to save.

Christmas, winter, expensive, discounts
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Although the purchases I am about to list are quite a bit larger than the other ones I have mentioned, they are the best ones to make if you can plan for them during this time.

Below you will find the very best things to buy in Winter, and why:

33. More Deals in Winter

House Renovations. Indoor house renovations are generally cheaper during the Winter months because not many people want their homes to be under construction when the family arrives. However, if Christmas is usually at Grandma’s house, then why not? Anyways, since there isn’t much demand for construction, your crew will likely finish it a lot faster than if they started in Spring.

winter, home, buying, mortgage, real estate, cheap
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Buying a House. On the flip side, if you’re just looking to buy another house instead of remodeling your current home, then Winter is your time to find incredible deals on your dream home. And, if it isn’t quite your dream home, you can always vamp it up with all that money you saved.

34. 1 Deal in Fall

So, Fall seems a little lacking here, but don’t forget all the other sales I mentioned up above.

Here are the best things to buy in Fall, and why:

apartment, rental, fall, cheap
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Renting an Apartment. Renting an apartment in Fall is the best time to do it. Not only are all of the college students living it up in the shabby, cheap apartments, but now, all the more beautiful, quieter apartment complexes are showing their better models to those they know will take care of them. 

35. 4 Deals Year-Round

Some deals just happen at various times throughout the year, while others only occur on a few specific days. Here’s a guide on when to book or buy to get the best deals, year-round, on your coolest purchases yet.

Hotel, cheap, year round, discount
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Hotels. The best time to book a hotel is when Congress is out, 7 days prior, or anytime in May. These are oddly specific but have been proven successful, so I say go with it!

36. More Deals Year-Round

Car Rentals. The cheapest times for car rentals are divided by regions, rather than by seasons. If you’re in the Northeast, July and August are the most reasonable months for you to rent a car. If you’re in the Southeast, September to Thanksgiving is the cheapest. If you’re in the Northwest, October to early December is the cheapest.

Cruise, cheap, year round, discount
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Cruise Tickets. For the best cruise prices to anywhere, book them after Summer, during Christmas, or in early January. The idea is to book travel when others have vacation furthest from their minds. Bonus: Alaskan Cruises are best taken during Winter, so book those in the Summer for the best rates!

37. Even More Deals Year-Round

Flights. August 23rd, which is unofficially called National Cheap Flight Day, is the gateway into the off-season for vacations and the cheapest day to buy flights. If you can’t make this day, then try to book your flights: 1) 50, 54, or 70 days in advance, 2) Tuesdays at 3 pm for flights early in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

flight, cheap, airline, discount, year round
Unsplash/Emiel Molenaar

Discount flight websites like SkyScanner.com or Scott’s Cheap Flights have the best prices, but only if your schedule is unusually flexible. If that is the case for you, by all means, set an alert for your dream location(s), see when the best deals pop up and start traveling!