Unsplash / Jasmin Schreiber

Some people make do-it-yourself (DIY) projects look so easy! Don’t be fooled! Starting a DIY project requires commitment. Some of them are pretty simple and can be done fairly quickly. Some are more extensive. However, just because you can do it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Taking on a DIY project should not be an impulsive decision. When you put some thought to it you might actually discover that you would rather just pay for it. Before deciding to be all hands on deck taking on a project consider the following factors to determine if you should DIY or don’t.


Looking online will trick you. Pinterest and YouTube will have you thinking that you can knock out almost any DIY project on a lovely Saturday morning. You may start in the morning, but before you know it, it is six o’clock. You haven’t eaten, you’re frustrated, and you’re trying to figure out what went wrong! In the tutorial, it was so simple. That movie magic will get you almost every time.

Before diving into a DIY project, make sure it is feasible for you. Some projects are simple enough that you will be able to knock it out on a Saturday afternoon. Others, not so much. Follow tutorials from people that will give you the real deal information on how time-consuming it may be before getting your hands dirty. An entire Saturday doing something for a person that works full time and only has weekends off might not be worth it unless it is something that they enjoy. Think of painting. Maybe painting a few rooms in your home has been on your honey-do list for quite some time. It doesn’t require a lot of materials or even skill. But is it worth your time and energy to do it yourself?


Sometimes no matter how many times you read or watch the tutorial, you just may not have the ability to execute it to become a quality piece of work. For example, hairstyling. Hair braiding to be more specific. There are an insane number of hair tutorials on YouTube and all over the web demonstrating how to braid hair. You may follow every step perfectly but the end result always comes out tragic. Sure, you could save a substantial amount of money doing it yourself. However, is it really worth it if the style looks unpresentable? You’re wasting your time to create something of poor quality when you can just pay a professional to do it. Plus, since they know what they’re doing, they’ll probably do it faster and it’ll last longer.

Of course, there are many products or services that we purchase that are cheaply made or done. You know the saying, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” If you can do it well, then definitely do it! If not, don’t waste your time.


Most people DIY because it will save them money. However, you must consider the cost of materials. Buying the materials could cost more than just paying for an item or service. Think about getting an oil change. By the time you purchase the oil filter and the oil for your car, you could spend anywhere from $30-$50, not including your time. Of course, that is depending on your car and the type of oil that you use. Well, your dealership might offer monthly specials or coupons for oil changes that will mean it would only cost you $25. In that case, is it really worth it to do it yourself? Nope.

Ultimately, you must decide is it worth the hassle. Is it worth the time you will spend doing it? Once you finish it, will you feel pride or will you feel as though you’ve wasted your time? Are you really saving money by doing it myself? But most importantly, is it even something that I want to do? For some, they work hard to afford to pay others to do the stuff they simply just don’t want to do and that is okay!