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Do you always remember to pay your bills on time? Do you stress about where you last put the stamps and envelopes, or dread waiting in line at the post office? If so, you are not alone. Signing up for autopay may be the best solution you never considered using.

Late Payments Equal Stress

Running behind on bill payments can lead to stress, worry, and anxiety. Signing up for auto-pay helps reduce stress over late payments, and forces you to be more aware of your income, spending, and money management strategies. You’ll get more free time to assess your relationship to money, instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

n Easy Move to Build a Positive Credit Score

Do you know your credit score? Think you might want a loan for a home or business in the future? If your credit score is less than stellar, you might want to sign-up for autopay. A significant percentage of your FICO credit score is calculated based on whether you are punctual about paying bills on time, every time.

Reduce Paper Consumption for the Planet

If you care about climate change and your carbon footprint, signing up for autopay may be an environmentally-friendly money move for the planet. How so? When you use autopay for your bills, you reduce the need for paper invoices, checks, and mailing supplies, readily cutting down on paper waste.

Absentmindedness Makes the Bills Grow Larger

Bills may be the furthest thing on your mind, when you are busy staying connected to social media, and juggling home and work. It can be too easy to forget about paying a bill on time, even when using an app to send a reminder. Signing up for autopay keeps you covered, reducing the chance of mounting late bills.

You Love to Save Money

Do you really like licking stamps and addressing envelopes to send off in the post? If not, signing up for autopay will save you on time and money. You won’t just save on spending for stamps and mailing supplies, but you can avoid making trips to your local postal service too.