work from home

The Penny Hoarder

Being able to work from home sounds glamorous. Who wouldn’t want to earn money while lying around in their pajamas? Well, the reality is, working from home is a lot more work than most people expect. So, is working from home right for you?

The Work/Life Balance

A lot of people value a balance between their work and their personal lives. If you are considering working from home, it’s best to evaluate whether you need this balance and if you can achieve it.

While working at home, the lines between home life and work life are easily blurred. Extra breaks during what would be your normal “work hours” can result in working overtime at night or other times when you’d normally be enjoying the hobbies and activities you participate in when you’re off work. Staying organized is key to making remote work productive.

Time Management and Motivation

Perhaps the most important part of working from home is the ability to manage time wisely and stay motivated on projects.

When people work in an office, it’s easy to get into a motivated mind state. However, if you typically work from the couch while working remotely, this can be a challenge. Finding a space for a “home office” will help keep you motivated while working from home.

Finding What’s Right for You

If working from home is not for you, don’t worry. The key to enjoying your work is finding an environment where you can thrive.

For some people, being able to work with a team in a space away from home makes them more efficient than working from home. And that’s totally OK. The most important factor in building a career is enjoying the work that comes with it, regardless of where the work is actually being done.