Youngest Billionaire

Osun Defender

If you’ve ever seen someone immensely wealthy and thought to yourself, “They got lucky,” you might actually be right! John Collison, the 27-year-old founder of Stripe recently joined the list of billionaires put out by Forbes, and he shared the roadmap to his success.

How He Built His Fortune

In a recent interview, John laid out his life story from early businesses to current successes. It all started in his teens when he and his brother Patrick founded a company called Auctomatic, a backend eBay tool, and sold it for millions.

John acknowledged that it took immense amounts of work to get Auctomatic to the point of sale, and it’s been no different with Stripe.

“Skill and intelligence and especially, most importantly, intense application and hard work,” shared John. “I think all those things are necessary.”

Another Factor Was Dumb Luck

Even though it took a lot of skill, intelligence, and hard work to build Stripe into a company worth $9.2 billion, John recognizes that there was another big factor: luck.

“Luck was required,” said John candidly. “There are groups of people who are smarter and harder-working than us who just didn’t get the same good fortune.”

John also knows that a huge contributor to his success has been the hundreds of people that have worked with him to improve Stripe over the years.

A Bright Future Ahead For The Young Billionaire

Stripe is responsible for tens of billions of dollars in online transactions every year, and they collect a small fee on each of those transactions.

With, Zillow, and other online behemoths in its crosshairs, Stripe is set to become an even bigger giant in their space.

With all that growth, you can expect to hear a lot more about one of the youngest billionaires in the world, John Collison.